Polaris Blood and Sand Effect

Walltrigger wrote:
cgexile wrote:
I wish I could just use invisible buff on this. I don’t like this or the celestial stuff on blood sand/flesh and stone as it creates this swirly whatever effect around my shiny armor that really sucks and interferes with the armor aesthetic.

Ye. Strange that it isnt supported. I dislike the effect as well. I want to take away all "magic" buff effects on my character. Doesnt work anyway because I have this helmet:

- cold/fire/lightn res gives a permanent buff effect. No idea if they could make it optional.

Yeah it's any underground/fossil crafted mod that results in little pebbles effect around you that you can't remove (and should be able to).
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But did it apply to Flesh and Stone?
I am not a GGG employee. I don't get pay to reply you. My edits in POE wiki are voluntary work, thanks.
Please make us able to use invisible buff on it.
Definitely not a fan of this one.
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what the actual fuck lol

this is why I haven't purchased a supporter pack since last league... yeesh.
I'm not sure I understand. The thumbnail shows a large white ring around the caster, yet the video shows only activation effects with no ring.
Need invisible buff to work on Blood&Sand/Flesh&Stone. These skills are core to some of the most popular builds (such as Lacerate) but make your character and other armor MTX look bad.
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I don't get it. Who even switches the stance often enough to care at all what color the little blob is?

This is probably the laziest MTX you've ever made, on-par with the rehashed boss arena hideouts, if not worse since those actually, you could say, have a point.
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Where is the AoE effect....? >_>

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