[3.12] Blast from the Past. KB/PS Int Stack Wander King. Speed meta with 18K ES, 20m dps

3.12 Updates:

Changes in 3.12 Heist: https://youtu.be/g3e5i9g9JbY

Overall, every single build will be less powerful compared to harvest.
Assassin nerfs were actually very small (4-5% dmg), it will probably be better with new mark and alt q gems :o

3 PoB Variants: Original, block and HH hard carry. all detailed as u would expect.

Harvest highlights:
100% delirious t16: https://youtu.be/C3Nm-wusMVk
HH Hard carry full delirious: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVgYYZgOlP0

The levelling build i use for Blast: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2913460

Tankiness test: Shaper slam + beam with 4L PS, dead start, no fortify, no flasks

Assassin with highest ES in DSC, still no:1 in HSC

If u have feedback or questions:

I stream on twitch 5 days a week: https://www.twitch.tv/trivial_matters/

Come and say hello! I even do live PoB analysis if u are not shy :D

If u can't catch me online, i have a discord server for my build/crafting help: https://discord.gg/UB5mucm

Alternatively u can post in this thread and wait for my response.

Pls do not pm me in-game or send forum messages. Both systems are very sub-optimal for a meaningful conversation.

Pros & Cons:
+ A++ clear speed, even in delirious high tiers.
+ Tanky with up to 18K ES, fortify, crit immunity and 28 spell/attack dodge
+ All content, deathless without changing anything. (1200+ delve needs modifications)
+ Stable. Doesn't use extra setups (like vaal skills, wither stacks etc) to boost damage.
+ Has an immensely detailed guide, including 'craft your gear' section for each single item slot.

- Expensive; needs good gear to start (50ex ish minimum. Read 'Entry Costs' part)
- Late bloomer, needs levels and really not a levelling friendly build.
- Uses 2 skills, this means either your clear or boss skill will be a 4L
- Not a copy&paste build. Theory crafting, optimization and item crafting is necessary.

Comparisons vs other wanders:
Pre 3.10 Int Stacking Wander setup from ranger (pathfinder) will be faster due to flask effectiveness and is better suited for fast farming mid tier maps. Unfortunately it cannot even come close to the ES or dmg numbers of the assassin version as u will need to waste a lot of points on the ranger side of the tree. If you are on std and have a legacy vinktar flask it is still solid.

Other wand builds.. well there are some nice wanders around, main advantage being their budgets. But for end-game i failed to theory-craft a build worth comparing and didn't see any on forums too.

Int Stacking Wander - what is it ?
The build revolves around having a Shaper or Hunter wand with 'adds 1-6 lightning damage to attacks with this weapon per 10 intelligence' then scaling int both for Energy Shield and Damage.

Why is it stronger than ever ?
A few changes happened in 3.10. First of all we got a method of adding spell dmg to attack dmg without using a Crown of Eyes. But even more importantly the new cluster jewel system now lets up spend our points much more efficiently.

I ditched the whole ranger area from this build and went assassin instead and results are astonishing. The tree is taking one non-int travel node, which is kinda playing a build that doesn't waste points at all, just moving cluster to cluster.

Atm i am sitting at 18k ES, have millions of dps per kinetic bolt explosion and can pull 10M sirus dps with my 4L Power Siphon.

Switching to 6L PS setup (3 gem swaps) nets 20 million+ sirus dps(or more if u count wave of conviction debuff)

With crit and shock immunity, getting one shot from spike dmg never happens. If u can tank and outleech something, u will do it every single time... and atm i can do that to sirus triple beam :)

Harvest SC
Sirus 8: https://youtu.be/hukGVuMGVN4
100% delirious juiced t16: https://youtu.be/C3Nm-wusMVk

2 simulacrums back to back. 7 bosses including last wave double boss fight: https://youtu.be/3-kRJXN-ZRA

Juiced t16 with 80% delirium: https://youtu.be/LSWeUuBTTG8

Delirium SC

https://www.twitch.tv/trivial_matters/ for everyday gaming

A8 Sirus (Last phase, bad audio): https://youtu.be/GIiK8dkV_Fo
Fully Juiced Splinter farm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRjNELYcOfg

Wave 15 Simulacrum with boss: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhE7MinILkc
Wave 20 Simulacrum with boss: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ramKj--yEU

Hall of Grand Masters A8: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6wv6ia7aRo

Current PoBs (Original - Block Variant - HH hard carry versions):

As usual, use localidentity1's fork. Original PoB will give you quite off numbers.

3.12 Original (Assassin/Scion):
Assassin: https://pastebin.com/XX0iCKiF
Scion : https://pastebin.com/qBqArGwp

This is the best, all arounder version and i would go for this over the other two. Any video is using this version unless stated otherwise.

3.11 Block Version (Scion):

I am not a fan of this version but since so many ppl asked for it, here it is.
It looks very good on paper: 65/70 real block (no Glancing Blows)+ 19k ES. Sadly no elusive and crit immunity, half the dmg of the original, less clear speed (as u lean on Bottled Faith for crit. chance) and requires extremely specific gear. Also has to keep buffs up (Tempest Shield + Bone offering).

3.11 Headhunter Hard Carry Version (Assassin):
This version includes HH + 2 inspired learning jewels to bank on HH for specific content. Advised to be played with a support with 5 man full delirious carries or 5-ways etc.

FAQ: Why i am not going for double large clusters ?
It looks like a nice idea to slam another large cluster with shield dmg, get bunch of good stuff and save 2 points by getting mana leech for free.

This is a legit strategy, but only if u are level 99+ and have a budget of 1000 exalts or so (u really need close to perfect clusters and megalos to make up for the difference since you will be cutting very good nodes on tree.)

So it looks nice on PoB for omegalul showcase purposes, but i really doubt the efficiency of it since a single cluster setup can activate god-mode with a fraction of the budget.

Everything should be easy to figure out, settings are configured vs a single boss fight.
I am not much of a PoB warrior so pob just assumes u have power charges and clicked on flasks.
i didn't activate wave of conviction debuff, used vaal haste or blood rage etc. When comparing with other builds take the pob settings into consideration :)

Skill Gems:

Use awakened gems if possible, normal versions will also work.

Kinetic Blast:

Your last link will be Pierce Support or Awakened Fork Support (and not normal fork) unless u have another source of pierce. Afterwards u can swap to any other dps or QoL gem.

Power Siphon:
For 6L add Damage on full life and (A) Added Lightning Damage

Alternatively u can use a single 6L PS with chain or fork support instead of barrage for clearing, and gemswap for bossing.
Sadly your clear speed will feel the difference.

For Kinetic Bolt, it might be a option on early game with new alt quality. End game PS/KB still performs better.

Summon Skitterbots - Discipline - Precision (if u need accuracy)- Enlighten

Shield Charge - Faster Attacks - Fortify


CWDT - Lightning Golem - Wave of conviction

Spellslinger - Elemental Weakness OR Sniper's Mark

Entry Costs & Budget Concerns
This build's cost can be a bit hard to judge as it requires no uniques (Atziri Shield can be skipped too) but thrives on good rare items and at least 2 awakener orbs.
A common misconception is saying 'oh i can just get cheaper similar gear and budget it'

This is an endgame build. Compared to an average build, it works in reverse order.

Your common build starts with a bit on investment to get excellent returns at the start (Chaos bow for ED build for example). In return it also hits 'diminishing returns' soon where upgrades become more expensive and returns are smaller. (If u asked yourself something like 'shall i buy that 30ex glove/ring etc for 2% more dmg difference', that's exactly it.)

Int stack Wander does the opposite, we spend a hefty amount of exalts to get a very good 'build base' going, which gives you a passable build but nothing fancy. Then every upgrade you do, even the smallest ones gives you a huge increase in power cuz you dont hit diminishing return (at least not until u hit god mode)

Level 90 and 40ex is my sweet spot for getting that base done and adding a few upgrades so the build feel worth playing in Leagues. Mind that this is not a 'buyout' option and assumes u wait for good stuff to appear on trade while crafting your own gear to cut the costs.

And i continue to upgrade my stuff until there is no goal to achieve. In Harvest league it took roughly around 190ex over 1 month to reach that goal, and i still haven't hit diminishing returns (25m dps, 20K ES is reachable). Its just all content is easy deathless atm and i really dont see the point.

So if you are a new player who do not usually hit that 'diminishing returns' on cheap starter builds, they might be a better alternative. If u do, however, this build offers immense scaling options long after most other builds are 'finished'

Lastly, i have no idea about prices in standard league. i believe it will be much harder there due to low population and giant monopolization.

Nostalgia Gear (harvest):
There is a detailed 'how to craft' part for each item in the next section.

Nostalgia Gear (delirium):

Detailed Itemization and Crafting Guide for each item:
Easiest way to get a good wand is crafting yourself:
1) Get one wand with lightning dmg per int mod (shaper or hunter), one wand with T1 lightning pen / lightning damage to attacks hybrid mod (crusader mod).

2) Merge two items via awakener's orb (one of the wands must be an imbued wand with ilvl 83+).

3a) If u get attack speed or critical strike chance, craft the other and u are set.

3b) If u didnt get those, u can remove suffixes and multimod crit+attack speed

3d) If your item has 3 suffixes - 2 prefixes, use a farric wolf alpha beast to send 1 suffix to prefix, then restart step 3.

3e) If u rolled 6 mods (very rare but can happen), use an orb of annulment and pray

Good prefixes for 3rd spot are flat lightning dmg, penetration, spell damage per intelligence, spell damage

12% int mod is very good, otherwise get as much ES as possible. Resists are welcome too. Bench Craft '% attributes'.

You can also aim for +1 curse or mobs explode mods too, but this is lower priority compared to decent ES.

Again aim for +int and %int (hunter mod) along with as much ES as possible. Resist and accuracy are welcome additions.

PS +2 proj enchant is very good, 15% AS is also really close (sometimes +2 proj just gets too expensive)

Helms also can roll +1 max power charge (warlord influence), which is an immense dps boots but also very hard to roll with decent ES.

U can spam Spite Essences or dense fossils to craft this.

Shaper's Touch is very good for starting as it solves all your accuracy problems. Attack Speed corruption is also very cheap.

Once you get enough accuracy from other gear (and not before) swap to a yellow gloves with int/attack speed/res as you need.

Do not get fixated on ES value gloves, also spell dmg implicit is again very negligible. 100ES is good enough, focus on int and missing resists first.

Also, shadow and dust gloves are a nice option for Rampage. i usually swap to these for 4-way or 5-way conflict.

Alternative end game glove would have intimidate on hit (hunter influence) for extra damage

Tailwind mod (hunter influence) is BIS, do not care much about ES here. Get missing resistances/stats if necessary.

+2 pierce mod (again, hunter inf) will let you drop pierce or awakened fork gem. This is not mandatory thou... actually i felt better with using the gem as my dmg is more than enough and having more coverage was welcome.

Sin Trek gives decent ES and int/dex which are all useful. You can also use Voidwalker for easy phasing and pierce

Auxium gives 210-240% (!) increased damage and 150 ES. also solves your mana leech (2 points on tree) and freeze problems. Do not forget to buy max ele dmg (25), and close to max ES rolls and use catalysts to buff ele damage.

Alternative expensive yellow item should have +int (essence of spite) with 12% attributes (elder mod) along with +ES. This can give u a lot more (up to +1100 ES), but dmg will be lower.

Also Headhunter fits nicely, gives you dex/str you need and... well its HH

Atziri's reflection comes with decent ES, 60 int + 90 res which is lovely. (Importance of mods: Int/ES - res - curse effect - evasion)

A Yellow shield with Es/int will easily net you more ES. No curse immunity or resists but there are some decent influence mods.

(Budget-wise, getting atziri's shield should be a low priority as u can get away with a cheap shield for a long time. But if u are spending 10ex for your shield it is the way to go.)

Amulet is the main source of int and can give up to 24% increased int again crafted by using an awakener's orb with '6-9% all attributes' (shaper) and 9-12% intelligence (crusader, make sure its max tier) mods.

For prefixes; %1 damage per 15 int mod is also huge, but not as good as the ones above. Both lightning and ele pen is welcome. es% can be crafted.

Also do not get fixated on int suffix and pay a lot for it like it is your only choice. A high crit multi, resist, all attributes roll is also good.

Try to avoid Lapis amulets as bases, its a trap. You will lose a lot of secondary stats. Go for dual bases (int/dex or int/str) or all stats.

Once you are happy with your amulet, divine it until 9% all attributes / 12% increased int. Use catalyst to buff them to 10/14 and annoint 'tranquility' (golden-golden-azure oils). Craft % maximum ES to finish.

Again, annoint Tranquility. it scales with int too and gives 14-17% more dmg depending on your int + some ES, making it by far the best dmg node on the tree.


Get resists, then get intelligence and other stats. Prefix slots are somewhat less important. +ES is very good, %ES(crusader influence) is good. flat lightning is better than %ele dmg.

Do not try to craft these, its very hard.
Instead search for rings with: +ES, +all stats, +int and a open suffix. Craft str+ int or dex + int depending on your needs. Use two rings like this if u can cap resists, use one and get resists from the second one if u cant.

tip: get a lot of stats from one ring and a lot of resists from the other so u can benefit more from catalysts.

Best jewel mods are + flat ES, lightning dmg to attacks with wands, crit multi, attack speed if crit recently.
Alternatively a regular jewel with 3 attack speed mods and crit multi will net more dmg but no ES. Do not be afraid to get resists or stats from these too.

You need at least one source of added fire damage for cinderswallow urn, this is a nice place to get it.

Lethal Pride is optional, it gives a lot of str (witch or shadow socket) and has some nice mods (chance to deal dd, intimidate on hit, fortify effect, +20 str, damage taken as fire.. all benefits you.

Thread of Hope (Very Large) has some amazing value, buy one with low -res but don't break the budget for it early game.

You can use a Watcher'e Eye with precision or discipline mods. Crit multi is best dps wise, every discipline mod has some value too. Alternatively u can use a level 1 clarity and get mana to ES mod if u want more ES for some reason.

Cluster Jewels:
This is hard, i will do it a lot more detailed at a later time :)

Large cluster: 8 nodes lightning dmg jewel. Snowstorm, Stormdrinker + any stat or res added to small nodes.
Alternative is 8 node dmg with shields cluster (can give mana/ES leech, extra stats and move speed)

Small Clusters: ES clusters, 3 node long. Best notables are E. from Naught, Genius and Stalwart Commander. 35% effect adds 2% es per node.
Best one would have t1 +ES and 35% effect without a notable as prefix.

If u wanna craft these, try old alt regal mod.

I cannot stress the value of good cluster jewels enough!


There is some personal taste here. Cinder and Atziri won't change.
Dying Sun can be swapped for a wise oak.
Move flask is staple for maps, switch with Kiara's Determinaion if u are not stun immune in fights like sirus etc.

Last flask can be anything, i went for phasing as it is ultra important for simulacrums and i am overcapped in crit. Use a diamond with crit chance craft until to start with.
U can also get crit chance from Cinderswallow, stun avoid mod is not a must.

Where to start (itemization priorities)
This is a bit league dependent as prices chance a lot but roughly this is the method i use:

Step 1: Converting to Wander
Around level 90 i spend most of my budget for these items:
A decent wand as it is immense for dmg,
a body armor with int and ES to get that flat es going,
A dual %attributes amulet for int scaling,
A ring with pure int (t1 int, t1 all stats and int/x craft) so i have some int to scale.
Auxium and shaper's touch.
Rest of the items are mainly used for capping res and getting missing stats.

Step 2: What did i tell you about clusters
I get my cluster jewels. these always come with extras in terms of resists and stats. Craft them yourself or save money or buy them.. it doesn't matter.
You really want to see what you get from them before investing into expensive gear

Step 3: Ascending to Godhood
Now i check what i dont need anymore and drop my placeholder items for more suitable ones. This is where i sneak in tailwind, swap to yellow gloves or belt etc.

From that point on i upgrade my gear bit by bit until there is no reason to do so :)

Soul of The Brine King: this is how we manage stun in maps.

Soul of Ralakesh: For its secondary abiliy, blind immunity is very nice.

Levelling and Skill Trees:

Guide for levelling early on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_xG9Sns9OI&feature=youtu.be

I am making the levelling build a fully fledged build with its own guide here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2913460

it will have a 'before swapping to int stack wander' section once i finish it, meanwhile there is a lot of info for you to use already.
Bench Crafting Service: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2515748

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/trivial_matters/
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Holy shit bro this is exactly what I've been looking for. Power siphon and or kb assassin that's not a poison variant and doesn't cost 3000ex
I'm trying to craft a wand but im a lil confused about the crusader wand, are there 2 separate mods bcuz im only able to find 1/2
XenJerec wrote:
I'm trying to craft a wand but im a lil confused about the crusader wand, are there 2 separate mods bcuz im only able to find 1/2

there is a single prefix mod which gives 'adds 3-8 to 88-99 lightning damage to attacks' and 'attacks with this weapon penetrates 5-7 lightning resistance' together. Its kinda hard to search for since both parts can also be rolled separately
Bench Crafting Service: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2515748

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/trivial_matters/
XenJerec wrote:
I'm trying to craft a wand but im a lil confused about the crusader wand, are there 2 separate mods bcuz im only able to find 1/2

there is a single prefix mod which gives 'adds 3-8 to 88-99 lightning damage to attacks' and 'attacks with this weapon penetrates 5-7 lightning resistance' together. Its kinda hard to search for since both parts can also be rolled separately

im dumb I saw that. I was confused cuz the mods appear in separate locations
looks fun, will try craft it all with 150ex budget. Will let u know if im succesful :D

ps: that thread of hope value has to be the best thing ive ever seen holyfuck that alone makes me wanna make this build
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surreal1994 wrote:
looks fun, will try craft it all with 150ex budget. Will let u know if im succesful :D

ps: that thread of hope value has to be the best thing ive ever seen holyfuck that alone makes me wanna make this build

Let me know how it goes, im currently sitting on around the same amount of currency : P
surreal1994 wrote:
looks fun, will try craft it all with 150ex budget. Will let u know if im succesful :D

ps: that thread of hope value has to be the best thing ive ever seen holyfuck that alone makes me wanna make this build

yea i am kinda fond of that too
Bench Crafting Service: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2515748

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/trivial_matters/
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Hey bro whats rolls u getting with the lethal pride?
lordofcinder6 wrote:
Hey bro whats rolls u getting with the lethal pride?

that one gives 2 * 5% dd nodes and 10 fortify effect. one in the witch socket will be better thou as u can get up to 5 nodes if necessary
Bench Crafting Service: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2515748

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/trivial_matters/

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