The Dragon Hunter Herald Effect

A Herald MTX? Well there goes my line about GGG not doing things just to sell MTX stuff..........
RIP heralds
Herald MTX are some of my favorite, this one seems pretty good.
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something about herald MTX, they are always must-haves
Le Toucan Will Return
This is beautiful.

I've been using sunprism herald of ice but it looks pretty meh in comparison to this.
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Hello. Any news on the game maybe? My wallet remains sealed until there are performance improvements.

This was a missed opportunity to make orange ice :P
So basicly everything is orange now, except for the ice? Trump herald effect.

Also need more dragons to hunt now; delve thingy not cutting it...
Update other heralds to also work on purity and agony. Thanks. Specially purity... it needs a black gloomy one.
there it is.
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