Winners of the Screenshot Competition

I guess i do not understand anything, because half of those winning screenshots are ugly af imo. I expected more.
BTW half winners in the bottom are 2000% better than the first and third. Smells
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10011001 wrote:
Crithos wrote:
the one with just the witch spinning cyclone kinda didn't deserve it, but w/e

Maybe because that witch submitted 25 other screenshots that you didn't see?
...and that cyclone had at least 5 effects going on at the same time, timed down to milliseconds...

All the same, you're the worst candidate for the top 50
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Oh man, I am happy with making between top 21-50, I took about 50-60 screenshots and I cycled between them until I saw one that sticked out, the character looking at the screen, enemies rushing towards him, the priest running in the background, I just felt like it had a lot going on but the primary focus was the character at the same time
it seems some screens after certain page ware ignored, and the winners selected on the amount of badges to the right..
please, cheapen the wing prices !
How its that possible that my sumbissions like those, which u can clearly see took more work than that which They choose, werent even choosen? lul

congrats for the winners, gl next time

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There were a lot of good screenshots, the amount of participants was huge which leads me to believe that it would have been a bit more fair if was top 100 or if it was divided in different categories, the objective like stated in that thread was to take a screenshot that would represent path of exile but i think this screenshot competition could be taken further in the future and be fleshed out a bit more

Some from 21-50 should be placed higher and some dont even deserve top50. Perfect example: Just look at 4th.

10011001 wrote:

...and that cyclone had at least 5 effects going on at the same time, timed down to milliseconds...

Let me equip a bunch of mtx and spin and spam the screenshot button. Oh look, screenshot #511 looks perfect. And it ended up in top5. Totally deserving :).

So glad I didnt bother joining this, knowing that there was this chance my screenshot might have been placed lower than screenshots that are just terrible and I would just be salty, just look at this thread with people posting their screenshots and asking why they didnt win. And of course, some of them DESERVE top50.

totally agree that 50 spots just wasnt enough.
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Unsee_legion wrote:
Clearly, the winners were selected according to the number of pre-assigned dollars. Otherwise, I do not understand this order of places. And in general such works.

Here is my job. I do not argue, not ideal. But there is an idea and a clear implementation.

Almost every screenshot is right there, that is the banal use of a skill or standing next to something.

About the character 10011001 there are no words at all, people threw a forum with 25 screenshots, so that at least one would crank. And in the end, for a good checkbook and "effort" gets 4th place.

Thanks for the next "honest" contest.

Nah.. i would have won for sure XD
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> It's okay to use photoshop to fix tiny problems with the image, but please don't manipulate the screenshots to the extent that they look different than the game does.

rlly... mate, tiny problems...that`s more then tiny. I work with photoshop...and that is not a tini tiny fix.
Winner 1,2,4 is photoshoped more then enough.
the witch just doing a cyclone spin and winning is pretty sad.

Is it a staff members family? someone that is dying? otherwise why that won is beyond me, it's the definition of generic and plain.

#1 is Photo-shopped beyond belief, heck they all look like Photoshop sets rather than screen shots.

This was NOT an honest contest.

Making all kinds of gains.

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