Winners of the Screenshot Competition

Dude seriously if i knew this was gonna be a photoshop competition i would have exported my files in R.A.W. format from a video of me playing picked the best frame adjusted the colour contrast hue and sharpness then cropped the image and posted it.
Not taken a hundred screen shots gone through them and picked the best ones.
If you set parameters for a competition the judges should immediately disqualify the ones that don't follow what was outlined in the task set forward at the outset.

Congrats too the people that won, maybe next time around those of us that did what was asked might have a chance.
Thanks so much GGG. So happy I made top 50. Thanks to all the other entrees :D
Wow I made it into top 20! Im amazed at how good PoE can look, photoshop or not. I only cropped my image but still get the PoE feel from the more edited images so its all good. Interesting to see the other entries. Colour and lighting are top. Cant wait for PoE 2 and the graphical upgrades.
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How do people get zoomed in so close?
Only took 1 SC and posted it and i didn't except it will be placed 6-20, thank you GGG! <3
XyanideNZ wrote:
How do people get zoomed in so close?

Choose the right location. You can sometimes 'trick' the camera into zooming even further due to clipping, for instance, if it has to see through a wall (obviously only doable in indoor areas). Then just crop out any ugly bits.
[quote="Qarl"]Fixed a bug where occasionally Fairgraves, Neverdying never dies[/quote]
Some real nice ones there; participated as well but didn't make the cut unfortunately. Congratulations to the winners!
Samalamage wrote:
Exile009 wrote:
Where's Samalamage? His Chain Hook exchange with Brutus easily outclasses almost all the winning entries. You guys did see his pic, since you featured it in your last post. So how come he hasn't won?

I greatly appreciate your enthusiasm for my entry <3

Heh. Congrats on your win. :-)
[quote="Qarl"]Fixed a bug where occasionally Fairgraves, Neverdying never dies[/quote]
To be honest I was pumped about this, but was quite disspointed to see that some of the way cooler and less photoshoped screenshots didnt win, damn they didnt even feature. But I guess "beauty" depends on the eye of beholder.
*Do the dance of Victory*

YAY !!! Thanks ! I really didn't think I would be on the list ! There are so much amazing screenshots, this contest was really great ! :D

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