Winners of the Screenshot Competition

Rigged like usual :'(
lame i lost... :D lol
But congratulations to winners.. :)
Congrats to all winners.
None of my screenshots could get the list of winners, but it was fun to participate.
Did any console entries win? I thought not, it's very hard to produce a decent entry on console.
Winner : hello photoshop ... :(

Anyway congrats to all the real ingame screenshots winners ! :)
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Congratulations everyone. I ask only that next time please stop saying that editing screenshots are prohibited because everyone used programs to edit their images a lot. I accommodated myself to rules, that one isn't allowed to do it, and all screens are edited in programs. Hopeless following rules of the play.

Sorry for bad english, greetings.
alot just won by just showcasing thier mtx
ssf_enigma wrote:
> It's okay to use photoshop to fix tiny problems with the image, but please don't manipulate the screenshots to the extent that they look different than the game does.

So this was a lie...


But hey grtz to the winners i guess
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Man, so much salt.
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