China Race League

Hey sorry everyone this League is not active anymore. The Thread was for a private League that took place during the LAST China Race in May.
+ I currently don't have the time to organize another one for this China Race event ...
(probably would still play, if anybody made one of theses leagues though :D )

Wanne play like the racers contending in the China race?
Here's your chance... with the international Game Client, but with less lag :P

Ingame Global Channel 1991

The league is HC SSF and the Mods are:

40% more Life
20% more DMG
20% more Monster Movement, Attack and Cast Speed
+2 Monster Projectiles
+30% Monster Phys. Dmg as Lightening, Fire and Ice
- 40% Player All Resistance

(Just like in the China Race)

Please post a Comment in this thread and I will invite you to the league.

Would be fun if more people joined.

We are currently at 81/90 players, but a crowdfund for more players is open.

Also the league will continue to go on till the 30. of May, so still a lot of time to get some RIPs in ;)

It would be cool if the ones already in the league could throw in some points to make this bigger.

The slots are generally F2P, but if we are short on slots, I will give preference to players willing to donate Points so we can open more slots.
Otherwise I try to keep it first come, first served.

I will also have an eye on the activity and if people haven't played for more than 2 days I will make space for others.

If you would like to donate some coins to the cause pls PM me directly.

Let's have some fun and don't die guys :D

Best regards,

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that an awesome idea to recreate similar environment! i wish i was able to play on hc :)
Great idea, I would like a spot please :)

Thanks for organising
Cool idea, I would like to join if possible!
Ill join if u got the space. Thanks for this league.
Can i give it a shot?
Is free for anyone?
Awesome idea, I would like to join too!

Would like to join.
wouldn't mind an invite at all
Id like to play!

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