China Race League

Hi there, would like to join this awesome league, thanks for your effort!
invite pls :) cheers
Welcome to the Profil of ThaPuckyman enjoy Trade´s same for Uber elder / Shaper runs :) rush to lvl caps and relaxing sounds in my Stream cheers
hey, i'd like to try out some real painfull gameplay :D
can i grab a invite?
would love to join, invite if have room
Would like to join and willing to supply point for my spot if needed.
Hey, i would like to join =)
Last edited by wonddol on Aug 6, 2020, 7:58:26 AM
Hey guys, thanks for the interest, but this is the thread for a private league, that was online during the last China Race in May :D

And I'm sorry to say, I currently don't have the time to organize another Private League.
would love to join if you got a spot free

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