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Is winter spirit still worth the 2 points with 100% conversion on ice crash?
Suggestion of weapons(dw or 1h/2h...) pre-holow palm? Focus um atk speed? Phys flat?

thank you very much, your guide is very good!!
foojin wrote:
Is winter spirit still worth the 2 points with 100% conversion on ice crash?

They might be moved, waiting on PoB updates.

If you found an exalt day 1 would you immediately try to buy one with nothing and if not should that be the first major item your looking to buy?
Velyna wrote:
Phlier wrote:
This looks like two things:

1. An amazingly well done build guide.

2. A seriously fun build.

Wow, the time that you put into this is much appreciated.

I played Cyclone Hollow Palm Raider in Delirium and cleared all content. It was so fun, that I thought I'd play Hollow Palm for a second league.

I was wondering if you could give me some input on a couple of things...

I'm thinking that the One With Nothing jewel is going to be even more rare (hence more expensive) this league than last, as Delirium only has a 5% base chance to spawn in a map. They did say that they'll buff the jewel drop rate, but it has yet to be determined how this is going to play out as far as obtaining OWN.

As such, I'm planning on it taking a long time to switch over to OWN, so I'll be playing the non hollow palm tree for a long time.

So finally to the questions...

1. I'm thinking of sticking with Frost Blades, since White Wind got a very nice buff this patch. Do you think that'll be a viable build until i finally get the OWN jewel? Also, I see that "Dagger" isn't on the supported weapon list of Ice Crash. Is a Dagger a type of Sword? I Imagine it isn't, and that Ice Crash wont' work with a dagger, but I thought I'd ask anyway. :) Would you stick with Frost Blades and White Wind until OWN, or would you switch to Ice Crash with some other weapon?

2. I know it's breaking away from your build a bit, but was wondering if you could suggest what to link with Frost Blades (5L and 6L) until I can finally switch over to OWN/Ice Crash.

Sorry for all the newb questions, and thanks again for the guide!

Thanks man, glad you liked it!

I think one with nothing will fall in price quickly, within the first week, but nobody knows yet.

1 - Frost blades is viable, daggers aren't swords, you can use either skill with the same supports so use whichever you prefer.

2 - The 5L setup is in the SSF levelling section, same ones ice crash uses. for a 6L maybe cold pen?

Thanks for the response! Cold Pen it'll be for the 6L.

Let's all keep our fingers crossed about the rarity/price of the OWN jewel.

To the guy that asked if you'd pay an ex for an OWN jewel if you happened to get an ex first day...

I would, yes, because OWN completely trivializes pre-map content. You'll get past the Acts in record time.

So if getting to maps as fast as you can is important to you, then sure, pony up the ex and get the jewel.

But there's also an argument to be made for waiting; the jewel price *will* fall, so if you don't mind waiting a bit it'll save you some currency.

So it's pretty much up to personal preference, but in my case, if I found an ex on the first day and could use it to get a OWN jewel, I'd do it without question.
where does One With Nothing drop? anywhere or is it league specific?
It is a cluster jewel. It drops from delirium encounters
Shitysushi - Arrow shooting build.
Sendeliriante - hollow palmer
Velyna wrote:
kel0o wrote:
Hey Velyna. This is really a cool build, quite interesting and nothing like I tried before. Thank you for it.

I have one, maybe noob, question though: how do you sustain mana after using Haste aura and Blood stand? I have troubles with it.

The one life/mana leech node near the duelist area should be enough, looks like its unallocated right now.

Also make sure your using Hatred not Haste!

Damn, I missed that. Thanks!
Looks like One With Nothing is starting to show up on trade, prices still stupid high let's see what tomorrow brings.
what weapons do you use before OWN? do you use seismic cry and/or fist of war?

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