Citadel won't spawn

So for some reason i cant spawn a citadel in the Atlas region Tirn's End.
I had no problems spawning all other citadels but in Tirns End it just won't.
I ran a lot of maps in that region and nothing.
Last bumped on Aug 29, 2020, 7:03:29 AM
Here you can see, it says i need 4 socketed watchstones to spawn a conquerer, but that is kind of hard, if i dont even have a Citadel in that region.
Same thing for me. Tirn's End. 2 stones required... Sucks.
You need to talk to Zana AFTER you kill the Boss in a T3 OR higher map.
When you kill the boss then wait a little bit a Zana will come by through a purple portal, go through that.
Okay i guess, i just didnt wait long enough for Zana then
I, on a whim, decided to run an uncompleted map in that zone, even though it said it required 2 stones. After killing the boss, the portal you are talking about popped up. I entered it, gave Zana a big kiss and she gave me a citadel. Good stuff.
me too. I just went for a t3 already completed map in tirn's end and right after I killed the boss a portal appeared with Zana in it and when I talked to Zana inside the portal, the citadel unlocked. Finally got all my citadels now. :)
Hi guys, I started the league 3 weeks ago and I have the same problem. Today I faced Sirus tier 5 and still i cannot spawn the citadel of Tirn End. Any advice?
It got fixed after I did a necropolis t15.

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