Integrating League Stories into Existing Lore

cgexile wrote:
I have this itch to look up past posts from anyone I see who wants synthesis back to see if they also complained about it. I mean people raged hard and GGG basically gave the majority what they wanted; removing the league.

Meanwhile I was grinding my ass off for all the shiny op souvenirs that I now have in std. I wonder if the people who want it back want it for what it was or because they realized shorty there-after that the items were actually insane and worth grinding for.

I, for one, was one of those raging against the Synthesis league, and am not even remotely sorry it's almost entirely gone. Adding a place-the-eroding-path-tiles mechanic to an already extremely busy game was just one fiddly bit too far for my patience.

If the memory tiles lasted more than two, maybe three flushes, it might be worth it. Otherwise, forget it. I've got enough aggravation without adding that reparing-the-bridge-while-building-it nonsense.

Just one man's opinion.
Dralovak wrote:
but I would prefer if this game had a bit more thinking involved in the heat of battle , where solving some puzzles and dealing with enemy formations actually was a thing.

I like this idea, but tbh, I don't know how they could do this without ruining the balance. Making certain builds useless in certain situations.

Having a choice and thinking twice how to approach an area sure does add depth and I would argue enjoyment to the game as well. Problem is, with some skill types being good for some things and not for others, and vise versa, these options could limit certain builds period.

I will apply this example to the latest tank build I made for fun. Its a Guardian that, well, he even survived some one shots from Sirus (Awakener lvl zero ofc), so he tanks like hell. Damage outputs atm with the current build reach around 100k damage (impales, etc). Its relatively low damage, especially when compared to some builds that are naturally stronger, or characters that spend a lot more nodes in damage, or builds that have 10exalt rares (which I would never buy tbh just to manage end game bosses, I don't think its worth it) etc, but for what I was going for I am happy with it.

Clears T16 mobs easy, almost never dies, and with the drawback that he has to stay a while longer on boss encounters (which also almost never kill him even in T16).

If say I want to do syndicates, although the build can handle it, its a gamble, as i don't kill the encounters fast enough and sometimes I kill all three or whatever syndicate members, sometimes that last one gets away. At one point the research was also destroyed before I killed the syndicate member (even though I rushed straight to the member and didn't dawdle around).

Say a boss or unique encounter has life regen. Depending on how much it is, the damage is simply not enough to be more than the regen and with killing the encounter.

Making the build, well, practically useless in certain situations.

I fear that this could worsen with such mechanics added, further making builds frustrating to play. If a clever way can be made to add it however, I would be all up for it.

I don't know, maybe things like prioritizing certain mob types because they buff other mobs, or something, which is kind of already in the game as is, but maybe they can expand on this.

On the other hand, with 9 6 link options, maybe we can be free to add more utility to a character to help overcome situations. So maybe it is possible. I just think it needs to be done with care. I have noticed for said example of say tanks, there are times that you hit a wall in terms of damage and start thinking about reducing defensive nodes to get more damage nodes. And I do not agree with this. Building a character archetype should not have such "sweet spot" restrictions. If I want to make a tank, I should be able to, and the draw back is simply it takes longer to kill off boss encounters.

That is enough imo as a drawback. (Adding some crazy encounters that nothing can tank, the longer time to kill something means the more chances to get some dodge wrong and be one shot even on such a build... So I think its enough drawbacks to have for a tank, and in a way forcing one to "reduce the tank" in order to "increase the damage" to not be an option the game should force on you. As an RPG, half the fun of the game for me is simply making fun builds to play with and characters that are of said archetype/theme. Making them useless is simply not fun, and then just restricts them to play different content to enjoy the build).

Anyway, great idea, i just am very skeptical on how they will execute it.
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Start on a new slate.
We have been grinding the old Leagues already.
Keep them to the old story line not POE2
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Incursion, Betrayal..more leagues with exile's opponent please <3
Phys spell lover!
Bring back the Forsaken Masters as our allies NPCs, and add some other charachters to Betrayal instead of them. The old Haku and Tora conversations were really cool and right now, they can't be accessed.

Expand on Harbingers and their language.

Also, any problems with the timeline can be fixed with time travel :D
We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.
Delve 2.0 +Synthesis minor number of socketed memory tiles.
Give us a lore about Kalandra
How about no lag, no disconnects, no bluescreens and a breach now and then ?
It's not league specific but in PoE 2, i would love to learn more about what happens to Grigor than what is told to us in act 8.
I would even like to meet him again 20 years after in PoE 2's new campaign.
I hated Synthesis and don't want any part of it back, but it would be neat if the lore found a way to come back. :)
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