Integrating League Stories into Existing Lore

i would like to have maps more focus around 1thematic (full blights, full talisman, whatever), rather than 1map containing 1ghost + alva + 1perandus + 1abyss + 1legion + 1lost exil +....

Having 5-10 "leagues parts" in each map make it messy, i would rather have maps or even succession of maps running around 1theme/league design, then switching to another random one.

Something like "exiles are invading maps for a random 1-3maps", then "bligh is invading maps for a random 1-3maps" and so on.
We've had a large amount of Karui history, with Kaom and Hyrri bing well known historical figures, with multiple items to their name. The Ezomyte feels somewhat lacking at this point, and I'd like to hear and see more of the First Ones, and their followers.

I'd also like to find out what happened to Grigor and Innocence.
What if you could have both endgame storys avaible at the same time?

I had an crazy idea. After u defeated shaper zana gives u a second map device. The conquerer mapdevice. Which can be placed in your hideout as well. Both atlas can be viewed by then. Now u can decide which atlas u want to run. the old shaper one or the new.

Because the mapdevices are serving as portals to other timelines this phenomenon could be explained :D
Would be awesome if both atlas kind of effect each other. Like u chance something in the past and it has impact on the future.

This method would also allow new endgame atlas and storys to be added.

to make this possible the maps for both atlases need to be different.
Shaper maps are white and conquerer maps are blue or whatever. Conquerer maps only drop in conquerer maps and so on.

I know this is not balanced bla bla bla XD
But its fun to dream arround.

My english is not the yellow of the egg :P

We need Synthesis league for core, please !!!
Harbinger absolutely, I'm a huge fan of these mysterious aliens and their weird script.
Also, Bestiary! I would like to know what is this end Einhar keeps talking about and what will happen then.
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What i would like to see in PoE 2 ?

Well :

- I want to know more of the Harbingers
- I want to know what lies within Beyond portals
- I want to see more gods and not only evil ones
- I would like you to fix audio whith NPC's not fininshing their speech before the text end.
- And I would like to get Synthesis back...
Betrayal league =>
Update 3.9 =>
Delirium Update =>
Definitively want to see a continuation to the stories of Synthesis and Delirium. Some more eldritch horrors are always welcome too.

I really enjoyed the delve mechanics and how it was significantly different from other end game options.

Delve almost felt like a bonus for participating in enough maps, and a good break to explore, make choices, and take risks. Albeit, I would love to see some tweaks with delve, such as an expansion to general mechanics. For example how currency to run delve is obtained, how flare/dynamite function for adventuring, additional options for exploration, tunneling as opposed to breaking walls (seems like this may give some variety) etc.

I assume you could make a whole league based on that. For that matter, it would be interesting to watch a delve-only league/race starting from level 1.
If this is the case, I would love to see a reskin/rework/redo of beyond. Like give it an on/off switch NPC during the 10 acts. (Or a legacy league mechanic, if you really want to)
A few things for me. I really want sin to be the big bad evil guy of the new story. I really want more dialogue from the characters themselves. Somthing that bothers me is when players get into act 6, there are no voice lines from the actual chatacters. I know you guys have quite a few of the voice actors on hand (at least that's what I understand) andI really really want to hear their reaction to things happening.
I also want to see a return of Grigor. Perhaps he's healed or something. I really want to see a return of the Harbringers, or something related to them. Also... are we going to get older versions of our current masters? That would be cool as fuck.

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