Integrating League Stories into Existing Lore

I'm all for the lore storyline but we still don't even know how much time is said to have passed between part 1 and part 2 of the game.
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I have this itch to look up past posts from anyone I see who wants synthesis back to see if they also complained about it. I mean people raged hard and GGG basically gave the majority what they wanted; removing the league.

Meanwhile I was grinding my ass off for all the shiny op souvenirs that I now have in std. I wonder if the people who want it back want it for what it was or because they realized shorty there-after that the items were actually insane and worth grinding for.
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Why not just currency looting pets and auto sell and buy stash tabs? Guys?
That sounds cool. Would that allow you guys to break the day 0 rule going forward?
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Lore-wise I've always wanted to know more about the Harbingers, and the Breachlords.
Shaper/Elder/Venarius - too good to be skipped. :)
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Make a Path Of Exile: Origins movie and tie it all in to the current state. Even make a Trilogy movie series to encompass all the storyline and lore once all the loose ends are tied in-game. Now that would be cool!
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It also forces us to be friendlier to new players.

Start from providing item mod descriptions that are easy to understand to a mere mortal.

Local? Global? Does it affects this or that? Will it work with minions? On hit effect - what's a hit? The game doesn't explain it at all. Players have to look up other resources to find out answers, and some questions have none.

Even to this day, some stuff is unknown to me and confusing, and I've been playing since 2013.
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Synthesis had issues mostly because it was completely unrewarding even with a super juiced up nexus and a crafting system that was useless for all but .0001% of players.

However, the lore was amazing and adds so much to shaper/elder storyline which im would sadly be kind of confusing now that the shaper/elder storyline was replaced by the sirus/conquerer storyline.
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"The lore of Conqueror's of the Atlas also had to wrestle with chronology. The defeat of the Elder happens between the time that you, the Exile, defeat Kitava, and the time that you then find yourself in the Epilogue. A lot of story ideas had to be nixed because they violated the Day Zero rule, requiring that certain things happen (or had already happened) when the timeline shouldn't allow for it."

For the love of god, please fix this. No other requests.
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