Integrating League Stories into Existing Lore

I definitely feel like you have a good chance with Synthesis to find a way to tell the Shaper/Elder story, or previous league stories. However I'm not too sure how you would wrestle with that, as a lot of it takes place on the Atlas itself.

However Synthesis does give a good opportunity to use memories to give previous leagues life, or perhaps previous expansions (such as the War of the Atlas).
tsHavok wrote:
I want to see much more harbinger!

Amen to this! :)
Eraqi wrote:
Im gonna be the only one saying this but .....

bring back talisman upgrading !!!!

not the only one!!

1- something how 'unlock the upgrade stone altar' when got red maps...

2- and more harbinger writings to discover too!!

expand more and more each old league mechanic...

3- more beastcraft recipes, more upgraded unique itens from prophecys, more fossils and essences, new breach, abyss and legion especific itens, new strongboxes, torment spirits and new invasion/vaal bosses!!

Maybe I think just warbands dont need be 'increased' haha...

Sorry for my poor english!!

I'd love to interact with the atlas in the war between ender and shaper before being introduced to the conquerors. say tier 1-6, during which time I see the elder and the shaper face off before a conquerers come and imprison the PC, then we can feel the impact and the change of systems.
That or stretch the atlas 1-16 is the war for, and then 17-32 becomes conquerers.

Either that or I want to meet the conquerers early on as a party, and have them make it to one of the existing map devices in the world for them to set up shop when Oriath falls, I want to find them locked in the atlas with Zana worried about the device they used.

As far as league content the great wolf can spill into the world after finding or activating his shrine after we find him in the late game.

Essences I want to be integrated into the story Ice meteors hit the world idk but as a mechanic, they stick out like a sore thumb.

I kind of would like quests to investigate the first breach hands we see etc, find out about the vaal or others discovery of the chaos it brings, or have an NPC tell us we don't know what power we are dealing with.
I want the breach lords to be defeated only for them to slip into a deeper breach plane.

Another way to do this history is to give pages of the atlas.

I don't want delirium to set in on 10% of maps i want it to affect the PC when they are "tired", in POE2 you could bring forth exhaustion, so after X maps or zones a PC has to rest or rest, else face a debuff that starts to scale, while a player has the debuff they can start to find the mirrors etc.

I think Torment was too underwhelming. But the idea was great, so if POE 2 can have these ghosts but with better loot and opportunities, that would be great!

Edit: And yeah really missing 'Cut Scenes' in POE. Cut scenes and more such immersive elements would definitely be a plus!
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oh do i remember talisman. it was the very FIRST temp league that i was hyped to sign up for, to the point i actually tried darkshrine to get used to playing a fresh start (was a pure std player before that).

lorewise, talisman still has a lot to offer. imho rigwald was the first really unique boss that you guys made, with voicelines etc.

talisman as a mechanic, is real weak.

my list of stuff that i think could be interesting to have more lore:

Rogue Exiles

Just lorewise i guess, but it would be really great if you can expand/improve/rework CONTENT on:

#justicefornessa #baitlifematters
Making leagues with metal band names, of course.
Ydoum wrote:
It also forces us to be friendlier to new players.

Start from providing item mod descriptions that are easy to understand to a mere mortal.

Local? Global? Does it affects this or that? Will it work with minions? On hit effect - what's a hit? The game doesn't explain it at all. Players have to look up other resources to find out answers, and some questions have none.

Even to this day, some stuff is unknown to me and confusing, and I've been playing since 2013.

I totally agree... and i'm 2013 player too!!

ps.: and i dont know much english, so some things still harder to understand...

Sorry for my poor english!!

Do anything you want but please... PLEASE add fishing in poe 2 :(
Fightgarr wrote:

My main feedback on lore is that it's a shame we are now missing out on a lot of great stuff from the past, namely the Shaper/Elder story, and Synthesis.

Triple Endgame unlocked. Every league now we have to explore the atlas, starting Zana'a old questline to track down Shaper starting the Atlas from outside > inside, tracking his memories, Zana realizes to finish Shaper off we need to learn more, reaches out to the spirit of Cavas, queue the Synth story line going through the synth memories up until T16 Cortex, realize who Cavas really is, and leads us to Elder corruption, fight uber elder, boom atlas reset,(keep our map inventory, work from inside out now onto conqueror storyline and watchstones.

They don't call it Grinding Gear Games without reason. :)

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