Integrating League Stories into Existing Lore

Fightgarr wrote:

My main feedback on lore is that it's a shame we are now missing out on a lot of great stuff from the past, namely the Shaper/Elder story, and Synthesis.

Triple Endgame unlocked. Every league now we have to explore the atlas, starting Zana'a old questline to track down Shaper starting the Atlas from outside > inside, tracking his memories, Zana realizes to finish Shaper off we need to learn more, reaches out to the spirit of Cavas, queue the Synth story line going through the synth memories up until T16 Cortex, realize who Cavas really is, and leads us to Elder corruption, fight uber elder, boom atlas reset,(keep our map inventory, work from inside out now onto conqueror storyline and watchstones.

They don't call it Grinding Gear Games without reason. :)

Amazing ideas exile, gz!!

Sorry for my poor english!!

The memories in Synthesis were the second best part of the league (the crafting being even better, all the customization of cluster jewels but without the massive balance issues).

FallMakesHideouts had an incredible suggestion recently, of a Loremaster NPC - specifically Siosa from the Library. Interact with Zana enough, and the Loremaster will remember all the discussions you have with her - and maybe show some of the now-legacy dialogue where the Elderslayers find Zana's journal entries.

Dig deep enough in Delve, and while an ever crazier Niko can't remember what he said to you earlier, Siosa will - and he might even remember some things Niko doesn't know, like the lore of the miners' strike that was shown in snippet form in Synthesis.
Le Toucan Will Return
Then where is lore for Sirus?
Make a VIDEO between acts like in Diablo 2 !!!!!!! Video like Blizzard!

i wish POE2 does not make the same error as POE1, i wish POE2 is not a NEVER ENDING PUBBLIC TEST for rich people that can afford to buy hundreds of exalts on the black market, i wish POE2 has a more friendly interface for chat, for trading, and expecially for quest, where you can find a friend for a specific quest and map, i wish the Legue are a side story of the main story and not viceversa. i wish POE team dedicate much more time develop the game and less to make money for the MTX, i wish POE team make me feel in love of this game again for what it is and not what it wants to appear! I want to see more builds of the week and gamers make fantastic build on a stable game, with stable rules, but maybe im asking too much! The God of Money have corrupted their souls! :*(
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Beyond breach and harbinger
character voicelines of the witch!
POE story line is beyond a mess. If you ask 20 player why we need to kill Dominus in Act3, not many will know.
If I go first, I'll wait for you in the other side of the dark water.
Obviously I have no idea which way PoE 2 is gonna go storywise, but I would LOVE to see more of Sin and Innocence, and some of the political fallout from Catarina's attempt at unifying the land. There are so many little threads of things constantly being tweaked and pulled, and I'm really excited to see even a fraction of them drawn fully together and given some light. Y'all have written an incredibly complex story, and I'm excited to see what comes next!!
I would like to see more cinematics that tell the prologue of the story, for example, I killed boss X and he tells the consequences of that boss having died and what he will have in the next act, with a tone of mystery.

For content in the game, when I saw that transformation as if the character becomes a werewolf, I was very excited, and I would like to see builds focused only on being a werewolf during the entire gameplay time, instead of changing all the time.

For the performance of the game, I would like to click less times to pick up items, luckily I know how to fix my mouse switches, but always after a league, I am obliged to fix my mouse switch again to play other things, but when I'm just lazy I use a cheap mouse, an auction within the game as in the Chinese version, and a layout within the passive three where I select all the points I want to get and as the level increases, it would automatically distribute in the order I selected.

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