[3.11] Chainbreaker Explosive Arrow Ballistas Hierophant - budget friendly/amazing clear/big dps

hoelzo wrote:
should i keep the 71% o keep rerolling this?

I'd keep 71%, it's probably only 2-3% dps difference.
I tried using the torrent's reclamation. The speed and cooldown recovery feel great. However, I couldn't help but notice that the action speed aura doesn't visibly affect totems in the PoB community fork. All it does is change player totem summoning speed. I wasn't sure if this was a PoB bug, so I tried it out with summon skeletons, but it does indeed increase minion attack speed.

This didn't make much sense to me. I know that totems don't inherit player action speed, but they should still be affected by action speed auras, right? After all, the watchtowers notable implies that their action speed can be reduced. I also know that totems do count as allies.

I couldn't get a clear answer even after scouring the web, so I decided to test it myself using a level 1 galvanic arrow with no supports other than ballista totem. I also made sure to unallocate sleepless sentries so that it doesn't mess me up. From eyeballing it, it seems like the totems don't really attack faster, even with the action speed aura. I'm seeing the exact same number of attacks before a totem expires, with or without the buff.
great science shleep. Maybe make a bug report.

but you're right, the speed from the belt does feel great either way. Would be a plus if it made the totems fire faster, or if it reduced the deployment time further.

please keep us updated!
How u craft the rings and amulet?
okay i'll post how to craft the amulet

1. Buy an ilvl 82+ blue pearl amulet, preferably influenced with warlord or hunter influence.

2. If your blue pearl amulet is warlord, alt spam or chaos spam for +1 fire gems
If it is hunter influenced, alt or chaos spam for +1 dexterity gems

3. Make sure there is no other warlord or hunter mods on your amulet, these are indicated by the tag "Warlord's" or "Hunter's". This is important for using the awakeners orb

4. Buy any amulet with the mod you don't have. So if you rolled +1 dex, buy an amulet with +1 fire etc. Make sure this amulet also has no other influenced mods.

5. Use an awakeners orb on the amulet you bought (not the blue pearl one), and then left-clicking on the blue pearl amulet.

6. This is fuse the two influenced mods together, creating a rare amulet with +1 fire/+1 dex. Ideally you have an open prefix, or something that can be target removed. You want to use augment life then add/remove life harvest crafts to get life on it.

7. Clean up the suffixes with harvest or with prefixes can't be changed.

8. Craft fire res on the amulet, and then use the augment fire harvest craft, this will give you either fire multi, or fire damage. if you hit fire damage, just augment fire again to get fire multi. Be careful and don't use remove fire, because you might accidentally remove +1 fire gems if your prefixes are not locked.

9. Remove the fire res craft and augment attack, using add/remove attack if you dont land accuracy.

Vermillion Ring
1. Buy an ilvl 81+ Vermillion ring

2. Use a warlods exalted orb on it (or just buy an ilvl 82 vermillion, but atm the orb is cheaper to do)

3. if you hit AoE - great, if not, alt spam until you hit t1 AoE

4. Regal and get a suffix

5. Fill the rest of the suffixes with harvest crafted stuff u can remove later. cold/fire/lighting res etc

6. So ideally you have 1 prefix and 3 suffixes. Now add/remove attack until t1 WED. Do the same for life. Add/remove until you hit t1 life

7. So now you should have 3 prefixes, AoE, life and WED.

8. Remove the suffixes, and then craft fire res

9. Augment Fire x2 to hit either % fire damage or % flammabilty (these are the only mods that can be rolled).

10. Remove fire res and craft whatever you like. Res or accuracy would be nice.

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What u recomend me to do with this ring

Thank u so much for the help
hoelzo wrote:
What u recomend me to do with this ring

Thank u so much for the help

Remove the fire damage asap, as it will ruin your EE.

The shaper influence doesnt help at all.

I'd honestly just remove the fire damage with harvest and use the ring until you can afford to upgrade to a warlords ring, or the same ring but with better stats.

BTW, Yaaaak, I got a reply to the bug report I sent.


I guess they're looking into it, hopefully it gets fixed.
Yaaaak wrote:

Point blank scales the explosion too, just doesn't scale the ignite that comes from the explosion.

Are you absouletly certain that that's the case though?
Everything else I could find online regarding Explosive Arrow and Point Blank says otherwise.

While the Point Blank corruption on the quiver is pretty cheap, I don't want to get it for no reason.

Looking forward to a reply :)
Yeah that's old EA, check the dates on the posts.

EA explosion damage now scales with new things, including projectile damage.

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