Most Popular Microtransactions of All Time

Definitely a big fan of the sword pets, would love more "inanimate objects" as pets. Also maybe, y'all should rename them to companions or familiars? I mention that cuz it seems odd to call a sword a pet, hell even the ghost girl (which is also a great microtransaction) is also called a pet.

I would I also really enjoy more back attachments like the miracle back attachment that has different states. That's was a neat lil surprise when I noticed it did that.
This is a really interesting list to me. Any chance of a list containing the least popular microtransactions? I remember Chris saying a while back that the dances in particular didn't sell well.
Now make a weekend sale of all of these called "golden hits of GGG" :)

"and the Hideout Music Player just had to be here because who wouldn't want to listen to the Legion soundtrack over and over again in their hideout?"

True, but I prefer Uber Elder soundtrack. :)
Tbh I knew I'll buy this as soon as it was announced, I liked some hideout layouts but their default music was boring / not my style.

Also can now swap between my favourite tracks which are:
- Dominus
- Izarro
- Breach
- Primordial Blocks Map (a.k.a. "delve")
- Legion
- Redeemer / Crusader theme

P.S. I would love if you released an MTX for round shield of brown / brass colour, I can't find any that matches my favourite colour theme (Illusionist / Huntsman / Wasteland Warrior sets) Like Manticore shield but dark instead of golden.
Perhaps sorting them by amount purchased per time period (like rank them according to amount sold/week on average) would be a cool thing to see too
Most players get their weapon effects from supporter packs because those are applicable to both weapons. Otherwise, you got to buy two of the same skins just to have it active when dual wielding. It's poor design and decision making, and players are confirming that via their action.

Would be more insightful to see the actual raw numbers, and if possible, the aggregated numbers from time intervals or weighted according to contemporaneity. There is little else that could be inferred from these statistics.

Sad to say that having the Invisible buff being ranked is unsurprising.

I may or may not own some and or all of these. I can neither confirm nor deny.
Surprised the Sin and Innocence armor pieces and set didn't do better. It's spectacular (if expensive)

Also love the Sin shield.
Le Toucan Will Return
I think a top 20 of each would have been better since we don't really have much frame of ref, on what determined it the most popular, how much sales one did more than the other etc...
I'm kind of surprised that there wasn't a ranking of the supporter packs. It'd be interesting to see which of those was the most popular as well.
SquishyTia wrote:
I'm kind of surprised that there wasn't a ranking of the supporter packs. It'd be interesting to see which of those was the most popular as well.

supporter packs are available for a limited time. also, the number of people who play poe has increased over time. that means more recent supporter packs will automatically be more popular. any conclusion from that data is pointless.

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