Most Popular Microtransactions of All Time

Seraph spectral throw, mathil for sure XD back then with his buzz saw build XD
Onilink146 wrote:
More green MTX please 😁

I second that, more green.
1.21 Gigawatts
The Skill Effects section represents the meta of the past with Seraph Spectral Throw in third place (thanks in part to one certain streamer).

It's actually impressive.
Such mediocre skill and is in top 3 because of one streamer?
I bet option - Upgrade To Quad would win the whole 2020.
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
Chaos and order in first 20?
Iteresting, pure light armour pieces are pile of hot garbage, literally worst in game mtx. Especially when on templar.
"and the Hideout Music Player just had to be here because who wouldn't want to listen to the Legion soundtrack over and over again in their hideout?"

True, but I prefer Uber Elder soundtrack. :)

I gotta say once I found the NO MUSIC option I havent gone back. Just the sounds of birds and the rain from the mtx in my overgrown hideout. I'll probably go back and redo Tora's with the rain hidden if i can behind the water fall so it actually sounds like a waterfall.
now do most regretted mtx purchases because lack of a preview screen feels bad
WhiteDragonRU wrote:
Invisible Buff - Selling in game options as MTX should be a crime.

the more i see posts about thhis the more i tend to agree
Sin and innocence sword pet, and the sin sword pet, are both awesome. Moar please!
Phoenix and chimera armour sets are at the top of my list. Nebulous h/o and transcendence portal are outstanding.

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