Most Popular Microtransactions of All Time

I'm glad you have the time to post all this data yet cant seem to fix performance issues and even address or talk about the QOL changes everyone wants or at least wants an answer on.
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Kind of an interesting overview.

I think I don't really fit the normal model of purchases but for what it's worth:

1) I buy league packs to support the growth of the game and likely will as long as it keeps my interest... I don't really ever buy points specifically to target purchase any given MTX.
2) I think lower cost would improve sales overall, since it would more target impulse buyers (guys like me would just end up with more of the shinies unlocked while putting in roughly the same value, kind of a wash there, I think there would be a lot more coming in from the impulsive if MTX werent like 60$ for armor though)

A couple of thoughts on the MTX I have / have seen

1) Capes / Wings : I like both depending how they look. Capes you have to watch out for clipping (armor with flaring around the waist so the cape disappears halfway down the back). I like the idea of things like the Deicide wings, however they are too rigid (should not look attached to the shoulders if they are floating behind you). My favorite that I own is the Ringmaster Cloak that I got out of a free box. The Miracle Wings look amazing but I don't have them personally.

2) Shields: These seem to have an issue in not matching fucking anything. The "metal" parts dont ever match anything else with very few exceptions that were made specifically to match one armor set... same for the particle effects. Need more generic theme fitting ones.

3) Character effects: A lot of these look kind of cool but they also make it tough to see the detail on your actual character, so I kind of waver between having these active and not having any on. Same goes for armors that come with effects you cant turn off (Nectrotic armor "smoke", etc), and some always active "buff" effects.
Really cool stuff...

But come on

A high demand for cats doesn't need to be explained, but we didn't expect to see the Sin Sword Pet and the Innocence Sword Pet in this list. Perhaps, you'd like to see more variety for this type of pet?

That shit is from mystery boxes obviously people have a shit ton of them mainly when they are low rarity rewards.

You don't see the white/black dragon in top 10 even tho polaris was sold more than sin/innocence. I bet the rats are very close.

I don't believe people like flying swords, the little angels were cool tho.
WhiteDragonRU wrote:
Invisible Buff - Selling in game options as MTX should be a crime.

Next time please link each item to the store so people can easily see and possibly buy an item. Looking each item up without a link to it is too time consuming for me. Otherwise, I may have bought something.
Celtic Woman - Tír na nÓg
Always enjoy seeing things like this. I'd also really like to see a report on the most worn mtx. I wonder if we'd see any of the league-specific mtx edge out some of the most purchased mtx listed here.
People buy more Wings because that is basically all we really have other than very few cloaks, so how about more variety? Like back attached shields, like for example the "Zenith" one, or Weapons, like the "Wrangler Crossbow"?
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Soraca Banana aka 'Seraph Spectral Throw' is definately the n1 favourite skin.
That invi buff is so funny tho. and people still buy it
Now if only we could get the old lioneyes watch music in my hideout jukebox I would be the happiest little bit..... nevermind.

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