Boss Killer - Msg me @Luvax

Sirus / Cortex / Guardians / Conquerors / Shaper / Elder

Sirus Kills In Harvest L : 890


Streaming on Discord - LuLu#9217

TFT @ is @Everlach

IGN: Everlach

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Last bumped on Aug 12, 2020, 10:42:47 AM
Thanks for the help on Sirus. Fun, easy and let me go at it by their side.
Thanks for the help on killing conqueror and Sirus!
Thank You for the Boss Carry! Fast & Friendly
Thank You for the sirus kill . trusted guy and fast service..
Thank you so much for killing Sirus!! Streamed and gave back my insane drops!
Ty for the kill, fast kill and let me take my loot! Thanks!
carried my a6 sirus, was easy and free.
Thank You for the sirus kill ! fast and free service!
Luvach wrote:
Every boss carry is free for now, just trying to build rep for the time being


Streaming on Discord - LuLu#9217

IGN: Luvax

Sirus - 50c

Other Endgame bosses -30c

Any other bosses - Free

thx for helping, very nice, хорошего дня

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