Boss Killer - Msg me @Luvax

2nd carry today, easy and was happy to do on Australia Server, so that's nice!
thanks for the guardian and sirus carry
+1 Sirus Carry done quick and easy <3
+1 easy fast and free
+1 Easy peasy. Thanks!
+1 Great service! Finished the boss on one portal.
+1 great service, immediate response and fast kill. thanks!
Excellent carry. Fast, easy, streamed on discord. Dropped an 8+ ex Awakened Cast on Crit and brought it to me in the HO. I'll be back for any other carries this league! Thanks!
Amazing friendly guy, carried pretty easily and gave all the loot after killing.

Overall a nice and generous person willing to help out noobs like me :)
+1 fast and reliable

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