Developer Interview - Skyler - Gameplay Programmer

Gruentod wrote:
Xerdie wrote:
Best of luck Skyler!

Also, does anyone know whats the name of the the Helmet the character in the banner is using on this Developer Interview?


By the looks of it, it's a combination of Gothic Helmet + Glowing Red Eyes + something that covers the face, might be wrong though, could anyone confirm this?

I think you mostly nailed it; I think the face is covered by the Pitch Black Bandana.

I'm thinking if this is a regular Bandana or the Pitch Black Bandana.
Anyway, thank you for your answer!

Now for the hard part, the Body Armour. You already know why I'm asking, I wanted to replicate this look in-game.
"Gameplay programmer"
So this is the guy we should blame for movement skills [Removed by Support]?

Flame Dash
Shield Charge
Leap slam
Lightning warp (its not even movement skill, damn)
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Oh, So, Support is trying to make me look bad.

Obviously, you cant even say things like

"Later today, I will take out my [removed by support]can, because it is full."

That word which was removed, it is spelled/sounds similiar to a genre of metal that Metallica plays.
I like how it was never mentioned about the one shot mechanics. lol

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