Tentative Announcement of the Announcement

take your time guys, and keep up the good job you're doing.
two words - NO PROBLEM!!!!!

Seriously guys and gals just TAKE YOUR TIME! We will wait for quality, not quantity, PoE already have a LOT of content and better work on story and performance!

Kind Regards, Oleksii out!
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tnx GGG

and please not another league like Delirium, I personally really disliked it, also the herald stacking really ruined it.

Stay safe :)
take ur time and do ur best
its completely okay to delay it. Thanks for being honest about it.

i dont understand tho why is working from home has any effect on this.

Please take as much time as you can! Thanks for the updates.
Thanks GGG for being transparent on this update. Quality is priority.
Love to hear that ! Keep up the good work GGG.
And there it is again. The advertisement for ziggyD...
what kind of ziggyD promo is this?

but back to the central point, POG
Who the hell is Nana?

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