Tentative Announcement of the Announcement

Nice sounds great!

Happy to have a delay if this means the quality and stability is improved.

Also, I'd be happy to have a Legacy type small league so POE 2 can get back on track.
100% Ethical, most of the time.
pepeHYPE wrote:
high-quality expansion

I expect nothing less.
Øvè®þðwé® Øvê®®ûn Øvè®çðmé
dont worry about it yall.

Just take your time.

Don't rush to give us new content, but rather take your time and give us good content.
Good Job ! Thanks
It is very important to us that we release a high-quality expansion in June

Usual trash quality is what you meant to say.
League comes out on my birthday, that's cool
Agradeço a dedicação e o bom trabalho! desejo boa sorte a toda equipe e que tenham muito sucesso!

Oh... :( can’t be helped I guess.
IGN: JerleVDSlinger
Thanks for working so hard during these times!
This is the kind of transparency I wish we could get from leadership in all cases. Way to go guys. Much appreciation.

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