The Delirium Supporter Packs Are Ending Soon

So long Delirium :D
Hey, what happened with that Bex promise on reddit that supporter packs will stay for 6 months instead of usual 3?
Thank god. Was not a fan of these (apart from the fateweaver weapon effect). They were too gaudy.
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Waiting for Stickman body kit
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
metamorph packs were amazing .. deli packs are really bad still got one but didnt like it at all .. i hope the new league get some good lookin packs.
By far the weakest League you had so far in the last 2 years, on pair with the Blight League ... simply disaster.
Your best ones were Conqueror of the Atlas, Metamorph and ofc Betrayal league.
Delirium had Potential until you came with that Kosis whom is by far the most lame design to fight a boss in a narrow space after Eater of Souls ... and yes, i am a hater

those who comes near the success but fails, are always behind and cries but they are right to be, the ones who succeeded and says they must improved are obviously ignorants
Would purchase and support if the Rand wasn't so weak against the Dollar 💵 and if GGG showed some love to us in South Africa/Africa 🌍.
Have to say the Delerium packs were very unappealing. One pack looks like a bug and the other is supposed to be a logo-ed up wizard? Maybe the logo thing goes with Delerium but the bug thing?

Would like to support the next league so how about something more main stream e.g. a ranger or warrior pack?


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