Need a casual laid back guild/home?

Slack & Sack (tag is +SaS+)

No rules, no time limits, no check in/out, no activity requirements. Just a guild with 33 storage tabs. If you want to play, okay. If you don't okay. Need a place to go? Sure. Got a friend? Sure. We play when we can (work/life) ... so should you, without obligation. Just be nice and have fun.

No, we do not have an official website. Maybe ... later. Guild chat is quite comfortable for our size, but added a Discord channel just in case.
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Sounds great.
I am interested, please
Guild stash is getting pretty large. Gimme a shout if you are interested.
Would like to join :D
I too would like to join if possible
I’m interested!!!
I would like to join please

std league IGN: Brutus_of_fire

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