Need a casual laid back guild/home?

Would like to have a guild

ING: Ballcalyps
Hey would like to join,
ING: Gyslius.
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If you are still taking people in. I would love to join.

IGN: MorbidVD
I would like to join!

IGN: HarvestBlau

Ty in advance.
I would like to join!

In-game name ProOxylus
Sounds very good IGN Sir_Agni , Looking for an active layback guild , im friendly experinced exiled.
I'd like to join if you're still taking new members.
Active player, still learning lots, but don't want the pressure it seems most other guilds put on their members.
IGN: Smokes_WackaMole

Looking for a decent alliance that's casual. Thanks!
Still recruiting? Would love to join a more relaxed guild. I'm active almost daily.
IGN: Cruptioxs
Let me in! PogChamp

IGN: MuffinFireman

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