Need a casual laid back guild/home?

Interested if there is any room!
I'm interested if there are slots
i would like to join, im casual player, still learning the game

ign: H_spec_one
Hi Im new and playing alot. Would like to join and learn more about the game and meet new ppl thanks.

Casual here from the netherlands. Looking for a nice group of ppl ingame to hang around with, discus things, joke around or heck! even play toghether!

If there is space i'd like to have a spot :)


Looking for a group of ppl ig as well. I'd like to join if there is a spot.

ıg: mta_chaos
I'm looking to join, playing a bit more then casual, but mainly looking for a few fun people to play with.

IGN: Adhaabu
Current char: Homomen
Would like to join if there's room.
Hey, any room?
i would like to join

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