Need a casual laid back guild/home?

I would like to join ! Im an old player, i just restarted for the new league!


im sorry rofl.
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I would like to join

IGN Frallball
I'd like to join, thanks

IGN PumKuolleet
Would love to be part of this guild! A guild where you don't have to commit full-time sounds quite nice.

IGN: BladesOfFrostbite
I'd like to join:
IGN: HarvestingWinterORb
May I please get an invite?

IGN: Dinosaur_Jr

I would like to join please.

IGN: Scorep
Would love to join!
IGN Alannarin

Thank you!
Been looking for a casual guild to join during the Harvest league, and this one definitely sounds interesting.

IGN: Azerein

i wanna join IGN: YaBoi_Tyrone

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