Development Stories - Creating Synthesis Lore

I would not call the conquerors endgame lore an evolution. At best, it is an incomplete and unfulfilling piece
And Venarius being conquered... I dont understand that one. Even at the final encounter against him in the Cortex he doesnt die, unlike the shaper or the vanished elder. His will remains and so does his spirit. He even states so
His life represents a timeline just before the atlas and memories of an old wraeclast, and his spirit looks to gain back his power and influence he once had as a High templar
Perhaps his cause shouldnt be unite the people to conquer the atlas, but to do something else

also, wouldnt mind if you unveiled some stuff about the proto-vaal kingdom :>
Make synthesis great again! :D
I never got any of that because I very strongly disliked synthesis, avoided it, quit the league early.
Please let me go back to the memory nexus...
Shine Boldly, So That All May Find You When The Night Comes.
i really loved synthesis's CONCEPT. but it was the first temp league that i skipped.

it's the first league that really pushed the need for speed, running and killing frantically.

i was also one of the unlucky few to get hit by a weird "bug" that caused me to be unable to consistantly get map upgrades (i had more luck dropping a chaos than a yellow map).

all that combined with the fact that the league is HIGHLY incompatible with flicker (one of my fav skills) killed it for me. flicking into fragmented areas before cavas even finishes his first 1-2 words is downright annoying.

i really hope GGG brings back synthesis CRAFTING back. the current synthesis maps are quite good as is. i for one, would not fully appreciate if the "maze building" part of synthesis is brought back.
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Kutuzovh wrote:
I would not call the conquerors endgame lore an evolution. At best, it is an incomplete and unfulfilling piece

It's in a bit of a rough place now, but to my awareness it took a few revolutions before the Shaper lore became as detailed as it was, didn't it?

I enjoy the Conquerors of the Atlas story (maybe not as much as the Shaper/Elder lore), but I have faith they can keep building up on it.
I'm upset if synthesis won't come back, but this lag fiesta. Synthesis was by far the one of the best leagues in almost every aspect. Why cant it come back in some other form?
Synthesis was hands down my least favorite league but the lore was topnotch. It's a shame that there were so many problems with the Nexus stuff.
I miss synthesys, was amazing league mechanics after it got fixed.

Crafting side sucx :) would be great if it returned more than very rare boss maps from ultra rare drops or Zana missions ... just skip crafting part and make items with synthesys implicits drop as very rare drop, like uniq items drops from bosses now, just for rare too

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