Development Stories - Creating Synthesis Lore

" It's unlikely we'll ever directly integrate the lore as we've seen players request, as Venarius, the Shaper, and the Elder have all been conquered."

Huh...? Shaper and Elder content was amazing with all of the voice acting as well as the boss fight. I don't understand why it has to be treated as just some rare side content now. And with synthesizer especially, you can at least bring back the synthesizer but not have the whole tile building mechanic. The amount of amazing shaper voice lines that there are on each end game map, most of the newer player base will never get to experience this because you can only get these voice lines with shaper scarabs, which are pretty rare still as well as the shaped maps, which are even more rare. Make the drop rate of these maps & the shaper/elder scarabs slightly higher at least so more players can experience these awesome shaper voice lines, shaper influence and shaper guardian or elder guardian boss fights as well as shaper and elder boss fights

The amount of cut scenes, lore, voice acting, and content in general from synthesis was incredible. I really do feel it's a shame to not include it back into the game somehow. Like, yes we have the synthesized maps and the boss fights that come with it, but it just doesn't feel like it's enough. Perhaps there is some good balance you could do where you can still include the lore and story from synthesis back into the core game as well as the synthesizer but take out some of the aspects that players did not like, such as the tile building system. I don't know, just my suggestion and I'm sure others who loved Synthesis League have other ideas on this as well
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BrownTown86 wrote:
Synthesis was hands down my least favorite league but the lore was topnotch. It's a shame that there were so many problems with the Nexus stuff.

yes, i agree. i think they should have just taken the tiles you acquired and after 15 or so runs, the game puts together some random synthesis board similar to the temple. some may be pointless or bricked, sure, but i'd have considered it some bonus content. the board mechanic had to go, good riddance.

the lore and the music were the best thing about synthesis (and love the unique), but i wish they would not hinge everything on zana. yes, she is related to the shaper storyline and the master of all things map related, but i'm sure there are other aspects where the other supposed "masters" can be used. right now they are just hideout decoration and their mechanics devalued by everything the delirium mechanic dumps on players. that trend will likely go on.
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60x7 wrote:
Jerle wrote:
The problem with POE league lore is that they are super fragmented and never felt like they were building towards an overarching POE narrative. I suppose gameplay and league mechanics are the priority and I never really a lore person. So this is just an observation.

Glad I'm not the only one that feels like the story line is disjointed.

yes, i agree. the main game is left to dissipate, GGG need to think more about main story and game and less on an endeless PUBLIC TEST! I WANT A GREAT POE... not a 3months stupid rage ARPG.. GGG FIX THE GAME
MLGonthorian wrote:
And with synthesizer especially, you can at least bring back the synthesizer but not have the whole tile building mechanic.

I'd much rather have the tile building back over the Synthesizer, tbh. There's nothing interesting about the Synthesizer, it's just a way to make some broken items from fixed recipes. At least the tile building puzzle offers some mental stimulation, all the Synthesizer offers is tedious database lookups followed by even more tedious trading (or worse, hoarding).
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Unfortunately, with the evolution of Path of Exile's endgame, much of the lore of Synthesis doesn't fit so well any more. It's unlikely we'll ever directly integrate the lore as we've seen players request, as Venarius, the Shaper, and the Elder have all been conquered.

It does fit you can do it Nick. Venarius is conquered? He plays memory games waiting for his comeback.

Imho Poe in it's current state has everything that's needed to succefully bring Synthesis back.

The biggest problem with Synthesis was player urgency, which is solved now with master mission system. And as for balancing it I think that 3 memory fragments per mission and max of 12 to be stored in nexus should be ok.

The second biggest problem was how unclear the process and outcome of synthesising items was. It can be solved with more extensive explanation in help panel and maybe with synthesiser showing us a possible outcome when we place items in it.

I really hope it will make its comeback soon
still hope one day to see it in core games, the mechanics were fun and i loved the idea of like D&D vibe
This news post might be a hint that it'll make a comback next league in some way or form.

I wasn't around during that time and have read both good and bad comments about it.

I do like the syntheses boss fights that are in the game right now so i'm kinda curious to experience the rest.

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