Development Stories - Creating Synthesis Lore

Synthesis was a loved one for me far above my second love whom is Betrayal. I loved the memory nexus mechanics and was in pain that i could only play the first few days of it before leaving cause of real life work...

I would say that the lore of it being contained in the nexus it self would not mess with actual lore of PoE.

It also could be THE memory of past content that is not relevant in today's PoE where we could replay the past content...
Betrayal league =>
Update 3.9 =>
Delirium Update =>

This is fascinating!! The intricate lore has always been one of my favorite parts of this game, and it's so neat to hear more about it directly!! I can't wait to hear about the Conquerors, or anything else y'all decide to expand upon. Thanks very much for all your thoughtful work!!
I remember how bad the old man broke my heart.

I was just into white maps and got all excited when the memory nexus shit started to come together and I waited and waited for the right memory fragment. Grinded and grinded for days, ended up getting shafted and having to start fresh. I was out of fucks to give and just started ignoring it altogether.

i can't even give away fractured items. The ones i got were all ilvl 70ish and trash.

I wanted it to go core so I could apply a high-octane minmaxed speedrunner to these things in Standard and straighen Cavas out once and for all.

I still think having t16 any map you like is better than having "one elder orb, choose wisely".

Having t14-16 uniques makes me tingle in my kringles. Whakawaka at t16? Be afraid. Very afraid.

If they brought back the synthesizer and let the power level of crafting rise again, that would be cream gravy but they won't.
"How do you lure the Elder to the centre of the Atlas?"
"A box trap with some candy should do the trick"
I would still love to see Synthesis being re-implemented
Synthesis was my first league to experience POE with. I was amazed by the mechanic "They put so much effort into a mechanic that last 3 months ? And everyone was calling a bad league" this made me exited to see the next league and more that will come after. Sadly it didn't go core. Legion came after "kill league" it was fine i guess nothing exiting. Blight... was "THE PUMP" every map, couldn't mute her her lines keep breaking through somehow made me quit the league.
Metamorph and the new atlas, looked interesting it had potential, the endgame was/is really disappointing especially Sirus(1c fight). Delirium is okish i just don't get why you had to add so many thing trying to kill us ? Multiple random explosions, degens and on top of that you had to make the mobs scale to be even more harder. Just making them scale to be harder is more than enough. And the problem with making core mechanics to not be played so much by the players "at least some of them" is bcs most of their items are being dropped by the mechanic so much that makes it insufficient to go and do them, what's the point ? Just getting the cluster jewels and random currency from the mechanic is more than enough don't add the side content to be dropped from it...

Anyway the point that I am trying to make is. Since I started playing this game from the "bad" league I see the game only deteriorate and I don't like this, I like this game. Focus more on the core game and fix/balance stuff rather than making random complex "developer wise" leagues and just fix the damn game.
I am aware that I'm not the first one to make comment/post like this and you are aware of it. Just fix the god damn core game. I'm tired of eating on them member berries and say how great the game used to be.

Bring back Synthesis.
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Really miss that league. Out of all leagues to go core that one would have made farming items worth while and making essences actually viable and have a market.
The death of Synthesis was a tragedy, but it was made inevitable from the get-go, as the league was plagued by an absence of playtesting and tuning prior to release (as all of GGG's releases seem to be now).

But what a fantastic premise! Not only in terms of lore, but in terms of having a board game (of sorts) that you slowly and strategically build, and occasionally dive into. Done well, this is a much more compelling side game than Delve, in my opinion.

But. It was plagued with bugs and other (fixable!) problems, which are harder to overlook when it comes to deeper content which is not mindless zoomzoomzoom. It's no surprise that players reacted poorly to it, and it was buried.

I would love to have this reworked a bit and added to the game, and/or for GGG to spend some time building a league which actually requires a bit of thought (no, copying the "meta" du jour from the web does NOT count as thought), spending a bit of time testing and tweaking it (test and tweak, GGG: pretty please?), and then releasing it to rave reviews, which we have not seen in a very, very long time.
I make eggs.
Synthesis was the best, no idea why the majority had issues with it

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