Development Stories - Creating Synthesis Lore

You could actually very much so implement the lore and stuff into the gameplay. You just have to play the "explore the past" card in an awesome meaningful way like with the temple of Atzoatl.

Hope you guys do manage to figure out a good way to bring that whole mechanic back in (with a more flexible design in storing / using pathways) as it was a really cool way to progress the game alongside endgame maps & delving.

Maps - Delving into Present "alternate world" events
Delve - Delving deep bellow wraeclast

Synthesis - Delving into the past. Could even be used to access old content
Theory craft, its why I have used all 24 character slots and the strangest builds you'll ever see.
I liked Synthesis lore, but not the mechanics.

Your face is good.
Loved the tiled map portion of synthesis.
Added some thought to the game and helped to break the monotony of running like a headless chook, hoping not to miss things or bug out.
Just wished the drops wasn't so skewed.

Loved that you could run same 'maps' multiple times.
Imagine if you could do that with atlas maps you roll!

Liked having more control over crafting too, just not how it was implemented....

Any half decent lore is good, so long as it is skipable so the game doesn't start feeling like a nag or groundhog day.
Honestly, I think that the diversity in the lore and mechanics(like gems/grid) of the game is what makes PoE as fun and replayable as it is.
The shaper lore is fine/good. Even if it ends up a bit skewed.
If I can watch a movie with Brad Pitt starring as a character played in an earlier movie by Michael Keaton, a bit of skew-if in game lore is not going to be a first or stop me from playing....

Not big on re-runs, but if the choice is between spending 2 months making a half-baked untested new form of timer league, or spending 2 months tweaking a 'lost' league to make a simpler, better and less buggy version.....

Option 2 please...

Universal Law - Balance
Just to note, I know there is a 'favourite' map thing implemented, but if I have to finish the atlas to get it, and then it appears to do virtually nothing.... is nothing like a paired area+tile that has 4 runs before disappearing......
Universal Law - Balance
would be awesome if u added videos after akts and ur leagueg contents !!!!
Like D2/D3 ur game is so muich better!!! But the only thing i rly miss in POE is Viedeos to watch after a akt that shows me what is rly happened and i think many many people who play poe dont even know what the story rly is or they dont even care but for me i would love it so maybe take it in ur mind for POE "2" to put it in !!!
Pls dont mention synthesis again...yucks...
Synthetis was the best league
e1337donkey wrote:
It really seems like you guys enjoy talking about synthesis. Maybe you should rework it and bring Cavas back in place of Einhar. Einhar can go into the regular mods that appear since he isn't really a complex master. Cavas can go into the pool of master missions so people can choose when to engage with it.

Or is this your plan for the coming league hmmm.... one can hope.


I didn't play a lot of Synthesis, but I did enjoy the mechanic. The only downside, and this applies to most of the league mechanics, is that it rewarded movement speed above everything else. If you couldn't traverse a map fast enough, you failed.

As an aside, it would be great to have some kind of journal that you could reference to see the lines that have been said. I'd love to be able to read the story at my leisure rather than having to maybe hear it while avoiding death bolts from hell.
Buddha Bunny
Was just reminded of this:

When Baran fled, he left a stone behind. Superficially, it resembles a virtue gem, but I don't think that's quite what it is.

When we defeated the Elder, we didn't kill it. I don't think something like that can be killed. Instead, we sealed the Elder using a device designed by my father -- a design we salvaged from physical memories of his we found. When we sealed the demon, some of my father's memories were expelled, along with those of the Elder's countless other victims. They were muddled together, completely unparsable.

These stones are what's left of the Elder's victims from across aeons. Crystallised and concentrated, and drawing the latent energies of the Atlas towards them. To hold one is to hold countless lives in your hand, to fill your mind with a maddening mix of sounds and images and emotions.

I don't know if Baran knew what he had, but I think he knew what it did. They are intoxicatingly powerful. It took all my willpower to lift my hand from the stone and step away. I can't in good conscience let you take them, but that doesn't mean we can't use them in our fight against the Elderslayers.

Play one of the lines spoken out loud from Synthesis memories at random each time a watchstone is placed (in a citadel or back in the reserve on the "G" menu).

You're welcome.
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