We're finishing preparation for the 3.11 press tour which starts next week while continuing to work on the expansion and its announcement which is currently planned for the 2nd of June (PDT). In other news - we're discounting every type of Stash Tab, including the Delve Tab, Unique Collection Tab, Fragment Tab, Map Tab, Premium Stash Tab Bundles, Premium Quad Stash Tab, Essence Tab, Divination Tab, Currency Tab and Guild Stash Tabs (PC only)! Click here to view the full selection of discounted stash tabs.

The sale runs all weekend and ends at May 26, 2020 12:00 AM (EDT) (this is displayed in your local time). If you need some extra points, we recommend checking out the Delirium supporter packs, before they leave the store forever!

In addition, community racing organizers Brittleknee and Rex are teaming up to host a series of events over the next two weekends! There's a race day planned this Saturday (May 23rd PDT) which includes a variety of events from Boss Rushes to an XP Race and should be quite exciting to watch! If you'd like to participate this Saturday, you can find additional information in this forum thread. Casting will be done live by ZiggyD and Octavian on https://www.twitch.tv/ziggydlive.

Next Saturday (May 30th PDT), they are hosting a HC SSF Delirium Class Race to level to 80! Supporter Packs and Point Packs are on the line for not only the first overall, but the first three finishers in each class! In addition to these prizes, there will be a league-wide raffle for an additional twenty 200 Points Packs for anyone hitting level 80 prior before the time cutoff of 12 hours. This allows a wider range of participants the ability to potentially bring home a prize even if you’re not a top racer, or maybe can’t start right away due to time zones. More information about the class race including signup information can be found here.

Thank you so much for your support! Have a lovely weekend everyone!
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