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lab ladder prize rework when?
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cronus wrote:
SteveBlase wrote:

But really at this point they're better off just giving us the tools if they're "to busy" to run races.

you can start a private league and invite people, the option is there.

i think what people want is more free mtx for participating, at least i took part because of them, with no chance on a price for the winner.

The option is there to start a private league yes. Literally nothing else. Thankfully in game it already shows who reaches the next highest level each time.

Beside that you sit there and do /ladder repeatedly to clock who comes in. You must be joking if you think its in any way or form good currently.

Free MTX must be it! /s
SteveBlase wrote:
Free MTX must be it! /s

if supporting the game gives you mtx,
and spending alot of time also grants you mtx,
and winning a race grants you mtx

why not "opening a private league"?

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