Development Stories - The Conquerors of the Atlas

I like the Zana voice lines, great work ty.
Damn i Realy need that background, this transparent celestial theme is realy looking good :D
Abut Sirius coming out of nowhere..
Just imagine, after you defeat all 4 conquerors, you have to do 4 more maps to get access to Sirius, in every map one Conqueror will make his final attempt to defeat you, but Sirius will appear: "Step aside, you, worthless creature", he says, killing or banishing the conqueror.
And then packs of Sirius themed monsters appear and the map gets covered by a red mist, Sirius himself pursues you across the map only to get more intel on how you managed to get into the atlas and find out a way for him to get out, learning about Zana and Kirak in the process. In the meantime Kirac will do his best to track down Sirius's citadel. When you finally find the Citadel, Sirius is ready to pass through the newly built map device and you follow him to Oriath.

Sirius in not trying to flee, or kill the Exile, but rather watches and learns to see if the Atlas is connected to Wreclast once again. His intend is to burn Oriath, not the Exile, so unlike Shaper or Elder he will not try to clap your down, instead commenting on how boring and small you are, and how he expects the Exile to be overwhelmed by the corruption of the Atlas, just like his fellow Conquerors...
Literaly the worst new map system with worst endboss.
Dawbra wrote:
PS:Kirack have a mission to hunt/kill zana by the concuil but he change his mind. And that is putting him as a Trator to Concuil when he gets back there ?

If I remember correctly, Zana is suspected of stuff like forming a destructive cult. Kirac changes his mind when he sees what they are fighting against, and he downright says that if he reports what's going on, he'll be sent to an asylum. After the dust settles, he clears Zana's name.
Bring back unshaping orbs that fav map system dosn't work...
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
ebeninami wrote:
Literaly the worst new map system with worst endboss.

Synthetic, but the same as my thought.
I would also add the worst rng / craft system ever seen, the worst powercreep system based on awakened skills making the leveling of normal skills almost useless, as if it were not complicated enough to find the right equip ... next league you will have other layers of rng to find the slot for your character ... that you still have to create ?!
It's just my 2 cents opinion, but never like in the last year, POE has moved away from what I enjoy, after 5 years of playing maybe it's time for me to dedicate myself to something else, waiting for POE2 to be something different from to appreciate.
(sorry for my bad english)
Hmm... maybe someone's project someday is to piece together the entire PoE story into a movie in chronological order of encounters. That would be a great way to make sure we capture the whole story and experience. I'll admit, at this point I do speed through content a bit too quickly to notice all the little details. It wasn't until this league that I actually even bothered clicking all the journals after taking down a conqueror.
I really, REALLY love the Elderslayers and Sirus, they're by far and away my favorite content in the game. I completely understand scheduling issues (and now a whole pandemic) getting in the way of implementation, but I hope that we will get to see some of this content eventually! The lore you guys create is so rich and complex, and getting to see and experience more for my faves would be wonderful.

That aside, thank you for everything y'all have done to make this a vast and engaging world. <3
It's kind of stunning - though not surprising - how negative and vicious some players are. Imagine pouring your blood and sweat into this game as a developer only to have to deal with people who take time out of their day to tear your work to shreds, to warp and distort your hard work, who act like this is the Worst Thing Ever, and show little self-awareness of what they're doing, or how completely short-sighted they look to the rest of us.

There are aspects of the current atlas that I like, and aspects that I feel are a step back compared to the previous atlas (such as the Shaper and Elder influence/battle lines). I love the narrative of turning our own gameplay (grinding maps) into an actual plot point. I love the watchstones and how they work. There are definitely areas that need more fleshing out and improvements, including adding a lot of that cut content to help make it feel more cohesive and less disjointed - I love the idea of Sirus invading maps and having this sort of persistent presence. Yes, I even like Zana. It's a good start but I hope more gets built into it with each league release.
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