Illusionist armour pack is Pay to win in pvp

Become invisible half the time, in dark or wide arena it s pay to win 100%

Just use this and some random auto-target skills ?

Please consider canceling the invisible part on the armor once entering the arena.
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Last bumped on May 26, 2020, 1:17:19 PM
Lets be real. Why would anyone need this?

The last time I saw the model of another player in pvp arena was back in year 2016 while playing LLD. Since then all I've seen is projectile attacks and aoe spells that seem to originate from the other side of the world.
ive seen some guys using this in league and standard , specially in league with srs and scorching ray in sarn arena , i thought it was some kind of watchers eyes effect so i didnt post it , thanks for share, i hope they fix it in pvp

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