Crowdfunded Private League 3.11 - SC - no league difficulty mods - looking for people

one spot left :-)
Last edited by tm4g1x on Jun 2, 2020, 2:17:56 PM
Would love to join <3

Looking to join :)
What timezone are you running in? I really enjoyed a small scale solo-self-friend this league, but am looking for one more aligned with my playtime (UK) and that is not hardcore.
Me and my buddy will play in CEST.
Hey I want to join together with my friend gehmalwandern. Would be great!
Interested in joining this and have a buddy who'd join me. Happy to donate the points! This is literally what we were thinking about doing but didn't think we could find enough players.
Is this for 40 days only?
If you consider keeping it up for more then that me and a friend would like to join in.
Me and my friend would like to join, if ur planning adding more pyps ^^
I'd be interested in joining if you decide to open more spots :)

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