3.10.2 Patch with Beta of Vulkan Renderer

I just love the game and dont mind playing it in runescape mode. I really, really hope that this new renderer brings possibilities of potato-mode back! (currently saving money for a better PC for poe2 ... no joke)
Hello everyone.

Those below are my Laptop specs --->

Intel Core i5-4210U
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 850M (2 GB)
Windows 10

So, as you can see my laptop is pretty much a potato, according to what is out there these days.

Before Vulkar (Beta) Renderer --->
My so far experience with the game was mainly:
- crashes,
- disconnects,
- long loading times on instances,
- 10 minutes of waiting times so to load up everything,
- everything set on default or low and having terrible graphics in game,
- 4-5 disconnects when loading the game up for the first time,
... and so forth

(note: please take into account that i am very new to the game and i am playing it for about 20-30 days or so now)

With Vulkan (Beta) Renderer selected --->
- Significant improvement on graphics, even with almost everything set up to low,
- no more 10 minutes of waiting times to load it all up, it takes like 1 min, maybe less,
- instances load up way faster,
- no more 4-5 disconnects when loading up the game for the first time,
- everything in general feels to be running smoother.

I should also note i have the Reverb OFF and the Channel Count turned to Low as well.
Plus, i run the game on Fullscreen, not on Windowed Fullscreen.
Also, VSync is on.

I faced 2 crashes so far, but that was when i was tempering with options, i guess.
I will be reporting any issues i run into though, so the GGG team to address them, hopefully soon.

But, it is expected to have issues, for now.
Since, it is a new addition to the game and so forth.

But, overall, great and significant changes.
I am really glad of the Vulkan Renderer option there.
It feels like i bought a new graphics card for my laptop which no longer sucks. lol

Thanks a lot GGG.
Keep up the great work.

And please improve the Vulkan Renderer even further, so to help with the performances of the game even more, especially to all those players such as myself with potato laptops/desktop pcs.

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Game stalls and then crashes when I select the Vulkan renderer in the login screen.

Windows 7
GTX 1050 Ti - 4GB
6GB Ram

I know it's older than Kitava...

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Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuge performance improvement for max juiced maps <3

Running at 2560x1600 on GTX1080, 6C/12T @ 4.2Ghz, 32GB ram, Win7.
When switching to Vulkan, client freezes for a few seconds then crashes. Updated drivers, restarted computer, etc., same problem.

Dell Inspiron 13 5000 Series
Windows 10
Intel i7-7500U
Intel(R) HD Graphics 620
We wait ;)
Finally Vulkan in PoE, yay! :)
Tidalkraken wrote:
Bune123 wrote:
Tidalkraken wrote:
Unfortunately, doesn't work for me under Linux / Proton but I guess Valve will fix this soon.

Under Windows, it work like a charm. Look promising.

it does run for me with proton 5.0-7 remove ur launch options

I tried but still doesn't work for me, the game just close when I switch to Vulkan. I may had an issue with the Mesa drivers who knows. However, it still run very nicely with DXVK, I will stick with it for now.

ImSorry93 wrote:
Arch Linux gpu rx590
With changed icd-loader to and one close source or open source works rly good. Not working currently on Mesa
Thanks GGG

Yep, if you're using AMD you have to use AMDVLK instead of RADV.
I installed AMDVLK and used this launch option to tell the game to run using the AMDVLK vulkan driver:

VK_ICD_FILENAMES="/usr/share/vulkan/icd.d/amd_icd64.json" %command%

It's working really well for me on Linux, almost no stutters at all.
My game crashes when i try to change dx 11 to vulvan , checked the production_config.ini but there are no renderer=vulcan.
Have Win 7 x64
After switching to vulkan renderer the game freezes and crushes.

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