3.10.2 Patch with Beta of Vulkan Renderer

Hmmm weird i am using a Radeon VII which on the AMD website it even states it supports the Vulkan API but the option is greyed out for me at the login screen. Maybe something wonky with the patch.
1) FPS in hideout with Vulkan

2) FPS in hideout with DX11

3) FPS in map with Vulkan

4) FPS in map with DX11

5) FPS in action (Vulkan)


*Same with Vulkan API

It has become more stable, but many items on ground still reduce performance. Without monsters!

My PC: AMD FX 6300 Six-Core 3.5 GHz, 8 GB DDR3 RAM, GTX 960 2 GB, SSD, Win10 x64. Thank you for attention!
I must say i do notice big improvement with this on my 970 q6600 <3 GGG good patch
To those who experiencing crashes changing to vulkan,

GPU-Z/Geeks3D GPU Caps Viewer

will answer your problem.
Good job guys so far everything running much better no more lags freezes or spikes
Huge difference noticed after running 1 map. My CPU + CPU are i5 6600k + GTX 1070.

My CPU is pretty trash so I know upgrading that would fix most of my performance issues but this is actually a massive improvement!
Now this is exciting news. First, because we've finally got an explanation for PoE's performance issues, and why they've been getting worse, not better, with each league. And second, because moving away from DirectX and to Vulkan should also improve performance for Linux PoEers. I can't wait to try this out. Thanks, GGG!
eventually a fix for lags ty so much
TLDR : doesn't change a lot for me but was expected due to my low performance gpu gt 1030.

Tested with xeon x5675@3.8 1.2175v / gt 1030 stock

DX11 Global Illumination OFF hideout 130fps / Global Illumination ON hideout 70 fps
DX11 GI OFF fighting 65 fps / GI ON fighting 50fps
Vulkan about 60 fps max and 40 low GI doesnt change fps by much

Dynamic resolution always OFF (the most useless option btw)

Most tests were done with assasin hoi cospri frost bolt / ice nova

Average fps better on DX11 while my 1%low is a bit better on vulkan.
Only 0.1%low has a noticable difference but not worth losing 20% of my average fps (50 dx11 vs 40 vulkan).

(With volatile dead spellsling its unplayable, 14-18fps doesnt matter if hideout spamming or while fighting its 14 fps stable vulcan and 6-10 on DX11. Dont have that many characters to test others things. Cyclone was obviously fine)
every time i die inside the game, i lose about 50% of my fps, both in dx11 or vulkan, please fix this. I have a rtx 2070 and an i5 9400f.

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