3.10.2b Patch Notes Preview

wanna see changes to lab ladder system and stop scam with uniq jewels prize
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Miasmia wrote:
Well... a lot of people enjoyed playing Necro Summoner even before if got buffed. Now it's been nerfed into the ground 3 leagues in a row and IMO is worse than it was before the buffs. This league's Jewel Stacking has created an economy where 90% of players are running identical Passive Trees. This is way worse than the Necro Meta ever was. If they allow you to keep stacking Jewel Passives I'll just quit the game. [Removed by Support]

50% less damage of 3 million per skeleton is still 1.5 million dps per skeleton....

Spectres are fine, and in fact, with redemption sentries, even better than before.

baron Zombie is also fine.

They just aren't INSANE like right after the buffs. They are definitely not worse than before the buffs.

They played minions because it was very easy to get very high dps and put almost all points into life , easily getting 7-8k life while having insane damage with easy gear.

Stacking jewel passives isnt the issue, The issue is SOME passives being overpowered themselves.

most of the passives are strong but not overpowered when stacked. So why nerf all the passives that are fine by limiting them when only a handful are real game changers?

They already said they are going to rework all the jewel passives that were overpowered so why keep complaining? They already said this multiple times now.

Less people are playing minions, but minions are plenty strong still, they just are overshadowed by other builds now.

If you think minions are weak, you aren't playing the game right.
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Thanks GGG for doing.. er.. nothing... and ignoring all the QOL changes POE desperately needs. But go on, ignore new players, ignore older players just set your own course and settle for mediocrity.
TG_Thunder wrote:
thanks for the vulkan update and please do not nerf herald build that it cannot be playable at all

we really enjoy this game by playing this build and many would like to continue to do so in standard league with this build

we can delve deep alone so please i request do whatever u need to do but just dont nerf that much that it turns into a total crap.

thanks for your kind understanding.

Unpopular opinion, but I whole-heartedly agree.

I have been a player for almost 5 years now and I've never been able to reliably clear the high endgame content (Uber Elder, deep Delve, Sirus etc.) whenever it was patched in.

This league marked a turning point. I could finally do a Sirus run without dying and I was able to clear Hall of Grandmasters with only 2 deaths. I realise that creating such a powerhouse such as the Herald-stacking Scion / Templar was not your, GGG, intent by any means.

But it has enabled players like me to be able to enjoy the game on an entirely different scale. Path of Exile has legit never been more enjoyable to me than right now.

I want to keep that good feeling, obviously. So I'm advocating FOR the inclusion of a Herald-stacking playstyle in the future of the game.

And it's undeniable that a lot of players agree with me on that front - otherwise there wouldn't be as many players utilising this. I fear for what my gaming experience with PoE will be like when Delirium ends and I will be forced to go back to frustrating map runs that eventually culminate in me struggling so much against a boss that my motivation drops.

I've invested all of the currency I've gathered this league into the Herald-stack. And I'm hoping (maybe against hope) that you'll be gracious towards all of the players who did so as well and let us keep what we've hard-earned through hours of hours upon playing.

This has become a really long post, so I'll stop here for now. But the gist of it is: Please, GGG, don't nerf our build!
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Fixed a rare bug where Visceris in the Overgrown Ruin map could become immune to damage.

From someone who has experienced this annoyance: thank you. Now I feel I must test this :D

If I remember correctly, it had to do with the fact that I was able to permafreeze him while he was disappearing and spawning the other two bosses. After they died Visceris became immune to damage (not to ailments, though, so I just sat there and watched my golems keep him frozen). Makes me wonder how it was fixed.
killers88gr wrote:
Keep it up GGG, please don't nerf heralds they are so enjoyable !


Therefore, it will be.
TinyRogue wrote:
But the gist of it is: Please, GGG, don't nerf our build!

Unfortunately it must be nerfed because it is 150% broken design.
Vulcan seems to crash if i afk in alt tabbed mode. Every time if im afk more 5 min it crash on return
MasterIssy wrote:
Another couple of weeks of Game-breaking-hearlds-stacking yay
Eh? Literally unplayable?

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