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[HC] Private League | Start 30.05. at 7:00 pm UTC +1

We are starting a Group League Experience tomorrow evening (europe time).

At the moment we are three people and wondering how many are interested :)

Mods: +20% more life, -20% reduced Resistance

(Mods can be discussed)

Contact me via PM or in this thread!
Last bumped on Jun 3, 2020, 10:57:48 PM
Private league is now Open to join.

If more people want to join, we can add some slots together.

Full spots unfortunately
I added more slots!
awww :( its a HC league. man ive been looking for a SC private league for literally months now :(
If someone could add some points would be great. We are again already full!
you should make a discord channel for easy communicating
And if not a discord we should at least set a channel for global/trade just to make communication possible within the league.
League is starting, we have still like 3 spots atm or more with funding.

Global Chat 1030
at the moment we are 40 and full, but i just added some people and we only need 40 more coins to fund the next 10.

global chat 1030 all :)

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