Delirium Supporter Packs Concept Art

I'm in hope we get any supporter pack like SUNSPIRE whit hideout and portal effect , we have enough weapon effects and wings, cloaks.
Well if that guy with the Darkseer armor is goingto be a future character model....<3
Introducing the Rise of Twilight mystery box

Solaris & Lunaris Armor Set, Solaris & Lunaris Weapon, Solaris & Lunaris Shield, Lunaris Vortex

Combine your MTXs to create Tangmazu's armor set, the man who played off the sisters against each other
I agree with some posters that the 2d art looks better than the in-game versions. However, I still feel the Fateweaver armour set looks like someone vomited gold leaf all over some bizarre French monarchy cosplay. (I confess I bought it because it was the most economical way to get points at the time, and in the vague hope that "incremental improvements in graphics" might make it look better at a later date.)

The Darkseer outfit, on the other hand, I really like. It reminds me a bit of Steve Ditko's artwork in the early days of Doctor Strange.
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The white and gold set looks like it could fit into Warframe perfectly...and that is the problem. You have a fantastic existing art style and most the cosmetics released are great and fit the style well.
Please stick to your art style, the organic Warframe style is not fitting in PoE at all.
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wow, the new male witch mtx looks fantastic. pls release with 3.11 :)
Didn't buy those packs but "Elite Fateweaver" one looks way too ugly on preview compared to cool concept art.
That Elder Darkseer armor is so amazing. Wish I could have afforded it.

Can't wait to see what comes next!
I vote for no armor sets in the new packs, seems like thats all thats in supporter packs anymore.
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Romulas19 wrote:
I vote for no armor sets in the new packs, seems like thats all thats in supporter packs anymore.

I'd like to see a Weapon Skin. Not a weapon effect, but a weapon skin, like the Darkprism weapon, Void Emperor weapon, Ringmaster/Harlequin Weapon, or the Titan Weapon, just to name a few examples. I really like weapon skins that change with the weapon you're wielding. If one of those could cover both hands like Supporter Pack Weapon Effects do, that'd be even better.
Looks a bit like Warframe

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