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Sammael wrote:
why Mathil is not the official face of PoE ? i like him.

He's more like the official body of PoE; each league's theme designed to ensure Mathil can go topless on launch day.
I'm excited Delirium League was my first League and I bought the Elder Darkseer Supporter pack which im very happy with I'm looking forward to the new league and the new supporter packs I will be buying one the first day of release I can't wait to see the new content you guys have to offer with this league!
go buff flicker strike
Very excited! Delirium was very enjoyable.
with all the different time-zones and confusion of when "tomorrow" is, any chance of getting a local timezone coded countdown timer on these releases?

I thought the announcement was today.. (I'm in UK so 2nd June at 20:00 hours (which is 2pm PDT) but you now say its tomorrow with you posting at 01:00 hours on 2nd June so that makes it 3rd June...?

see my confusion here...?

Did you show them you finally put in a real chat system!!! That we can reply properly and shit!! hahahah

cant wait for it
Will you be fixing the idiotic stash tab feature you forced on us last league in 3.11??

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