The Press Tour is Complete


Purposeful Harbinger
Come say hello
I usually stream mornings CET
This announcement better not be: "The next league is delayed!"

ben askere kaçar öpüyorum sizleri diğer ligte görüşmek üzere
can't wait!
I dream of another league that is as good as Betreyal you know, with actual new mechanics and stuff, not just MOAR MONSTERS aaaand that's it... gosh i hated this league, it was unnecessarily deadly
Hoping for some more "Druid Theme Cosmetics" to do along with the new Shapeshifting skills!!
Yeah Baby! Lets go while we still have time to play before we start working like donkeys again.
Stay awhile... and listen.
Just hope it isn't a colorful happy unicorn expansion to "lighten our moods" :P
Last edited by arknath on Jun 2, 2020, 5:58:25 AM
Could you please at least add 1 fucking new mod to private leagues its been almost 2 years since those came out.
I guess there much more important priorities like poe mobile for fuck sake.

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