Announcing Path of Exile: Harvest

Maelstromicus wrote:
MrWonderful99 wrote:
I think that the negativity is way overblown on this one and the haters are overthinking things 16 days before launch.

With all due respect, I am one of those "haters" as you put it, and I have to say that I do not agree with that terminology.

I agree that the term "hater" is over used, but your argumentation is nothing more than a strawman. MrWonderful99 said haters do overthink the announcement, that doesn't mean that everyone who's criticizing the announcement is automatically a hater as well. So instead of saying you're a hater and then argue that you aren't one and everyone should be more open minded, you can start by not putting words into someone elses mouth.
Haverhill wrote:
Yet ANOTHER crafting system in the game. How many do we have now, 5?

Wouldn't it be nice if they actually combined all of this residual flotsam and jetsam of content into a UNIFIED crafting system - where each of the legacy systems were reconfigured to support different aspects of that new system?

As it stands now, you can farm each of the disparate systems, but once you've achieved whatever goals you had for that system, you've got a bunch of crap you no longer need, then you have to start farming the next crafting domain. To eventually gather things you'll eventually not need.

Yes, you can trade away some things, but that leads to even more time NOT playing the game. There's too much time wasted in the meta-game already.

GGG should be looking for ways to cut wasted time - not making that problem worse.

This is akin to what I posted very early on.

I am praying for a new league that has only one purpose, a consolidation of content (old craftings, currencies, etc etc), an optimisation of that content (revamping premium tabs to contain all the plethora of currencies we are inundated with), proper performance tweaks and fixes, and finally a proper mathematical balancing complete with a removal of most of the daft invisible ground effects.

In short, a temp league with ZERO NEW CONTENT, maybe a theme from a popular previous league; but more focused on stabilising and fixing what we already have. At the moment, every play session feels like stepping foot in the Leaning Tower of Piza. The higher up you fo towards end game, the more is seems like it's all about to topple over.
I loved Path of Exile.
I do not love Path of RNG.
Save our game, remove all of the constant RNG
I loved the new league! Thanks GGG
So the league doesn't add mobs, but provides more crafting when the gear we can already craft is beyond broken in comparison to the difficulty?

On paper this seems to be another let down as its likely the plants will provide yet another homogenized loot explosion, and running smaller maps with easier layouts for more seed drops will be the repeater meta, its getting annoying that every league and sirus is forcing you to run the smallest, fastest maps, again.

After endless memes and requests to not make a "splinter" league you guys seemingly make splinters of splinters where even more time, care, and macro go into turning a nothing drop into the generic loot pinata that is gen 3 in a nutshell.

After opening the flood gates with delirium/clusters and forcing people to go faster or feel bad you now release the polar opposite with seemingly no add mobs and a timesink league mechanic that rivals the toxicity of bestiary.

If you ever played PoE you know that 95% of the crafts will be "worthless" and the top 5% of the crafts that everyone wants will be gated behind enough RNG to make it feel like a 1% league. People that can't make it to t16s will suffer with bad crafting options and since the league doesn't really offer any content this seems like its going to be absolutely dreadful for people that don't have the time or desire to invest heavily into a league.

If you ever played PoE you know that some of these crafts are going to be so broken that it wont matter that Harold is now gone. Most likely youll be skipping most seeds and targeting super rare ones turning this league into a broken copy of standard.

Good job?

Buy the ticket, take the ride.
fuxxnuts2 wrote:
dofgen wrote:
Finally! Vulkan support. Hopefully this will make the game run smoother.

it wont. same garbage in and out if its anything like the beta.

btw, as someone who actually grinded to 40 in delirium without being part of the 40 percenters...

this farm crap is just going to annoy the hell out of everyone. more stuff to pick up, and for those who "buy" tabs, more tabs to stash more fragments or "plant" fertilizer to grow things.

This sounds pretty ominous.

Most people had great improvements with Vulkan but hey keep hatin if that makes you feel better.

Seems a league which is more based on knowledge and make people learn how to craft :)

And heavier to gain an insane amount of currency.

Im excited for it.
I don't mind the farming idea. I do not like the color scheme pastels or Avatar glowy look to this area. But I do get that it is incredibly hard to come up with 4 different leagues per year that will appeal to everyone. I will never complain about the amount of content GGG gives us. That is amazing!

Like some others have mentioned. I do not like the thought of one crafting system after another being stacked up on top of one another for league after league.

I will admit that I don't know how to properly use half of the crafting systems we already have because I skip leagues and have a really hard time picking them up when they are only partially included in standard or in the next league.

What I do like is how this new crafting system is more transparent in what it does. Figuring out some of the others requires a minor degree in crafting from a college. I will make my judgement on whether it is overpowered after I use it a bit. I think targeted exalts are not such a bad idea. I literally have used exalts to augment an item only 5 or 6 times in 1500 hours with only 1 good result. I am a more of a casual player and Exalts do not come frequently to me. They are too precious to gamble with the RNG gods.

kanzaki01 wrote:
Please please please nerf Cluster Jewels, and herald stacking...

Dear sir, please keep your mouth closed. Idc about temp leagues. Let ppl on standard be happy. Tks
icovex wrote:
Or just maybe just the games becomes too casual, and you have not heard about hardcore, when in 2004-2006 there was Lineage 2 MMORPG, where you where you were farming 10% on the level for 2 days, and died once - and lost all the exp of 2 days :)

As someone who played L2 for nearly a decade, it's completely laughable to see a comparison between these two games since they're so different, it's not even funny. Apples and oranges. Even now I'm playing religiously another Korean MMO RNG grindfest Lost Ark where I am among the highest gear score level players on my server and where if you fail the next level of crafting, it will take you days/weeks to gather enough materials to even make a single attempt again with the extremely low chance of upgrading your gear. So the "hardcore" part is not really news to me.

I'm just not ignorant enough to compare fundamentally different games that don't belong even in the same genre and then quote someone out of context because I don't even understand what they are saying but act all smug and condescending because "look at these casual scrubs, kekw, I'm so much better". That's exactly the elitist jerk attitude I was referring to.

icovex wrote:
Really guys, maybe ARPG is not for you?

Or maybe you don't get what an ARPG is which is obvious considering you're comparing it to a 17 years old MMO? Once again, an ARPG is not an MMO.

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