Announcing Path of Exile: Harvest

wat the hell. farmwille is this rainbow bs. why this poe turns into circus
Blindhunter36 wrote:
Justice warriors kill everything they touch, didn’t think Poe was in sight but I was wrong, DND will be next with rainbows

What does this have to do with SJW ... I seriously do not get it ... Did I miss something ? Did the Marauder turn gay ?

You don't make sense. [Removed by Support]
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I am really disappointed with the new supporter packs. I want to spend money but i dont need a third yellow or red weapon effect. It has nothing to do with the theme Harvest.

The colors of the plants are so amazing. I hoped to see colors like this.
The packs looks a little bit boring...
I still wonder why ZiggyD shows us new content while he's barely playing PoE atm.
I hope warchief totems get the SLAM tag, i mean they slam the ground, so why not???

The new league, i just hope it is a slow one! No timer, no rush, just me chilling and playing POE😁😁😁
@GGG Ignore the naysayers me and my whole guild will be participating in at least the first few weeks to give it a try. Keep the content coming GGG your doing phenomenal and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You are bringing us a new league while working on Poe 2 during these difficult times and I can probably speak for my whole guild when we say, we support you. Is there issues that need to be addressed? Yes... However, that does not mean the game isn't fun or completely broken. Also to all the people reporting bugs here there is a section in the forums your can make a post about it...

I am looking forward to this league mechanic as it seems like its more of a setup and finish later. Probably going to skip most of it when leveling but from the interview with Chris, he made it sound like it would be busted in the early game so people do try it.

As for the people complaining...

Check out the characters of the players complaining. A majority of them run 3+ life/mana flasks, terrible gear/gems/passives and still have the audacity to try and complain about how the new league mechanic sucks.

They don't even understand how to build a character or too headstrong to follow one, yet the mechanic they saw a few minutes of in a trailer is shit.

There will always be people complaining because instead of trying something new and learning, its much easier to not do that and complain.

If you don't like it, go away. Nobody is forcing you to be here, [Removed by Support]

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Trading issue is mostly due to having too many drops worth nothing and crafting being too pricy for most people. This league will help item crafting without wasting too much currency. Also there is SSF created for people who don't want to trade. Not a perfect solution, but at least its something.

This is closer to my issue. If you cant play for hours or generate currency very quickly then generic crafting is too unpredicatble and expensive. So casual folks probably just use the obvious crafts like socket colour and leave it at that. We then grind up some currency and someone else makes the easy profit in trade. #boring way to aquire gear.

Why not look at other ways to acquire gear:
- Farm blueprint recipes , like you have Grim Dawn and wow. Epic sword recipe drops where you can see the result Components may be tough to farm up and even the items are non-tradeable. Recipe is one time use.
- Plant seeds which have chance to pop a "legendary" item which is better than uniques. Maybe these items then level up and get stronger
- Rep systems where you can buy items from a rep vendor - make competing factions and account wide you can only pick one for the league - may come with +/- draw backs accordingly. (e.g impacts mapping and atlas)
- Item sets - multiple set bonus like Diablo or Grim Dawn

If its a temp league do something different other than same old - same old that might be a fraction more accessible. I think many of us want to chase something we can see not figure which prefix goes with which suffix and read some complex website etc.. This is boring!
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Well "farming" monsters taken literally :D

Good, it looks like it's not another time/damage/speed based thing that forces you to join the speed meta again to achieve something.

Maybe this time we can try a little more persistent playstyle instead of sirus/sec damage railguns

Looking forward to it
Introducing the Rise of Twilight mystery box

Solaris & Lunaris Armor Set, Solaris & Lunaris Weapon, Solaris & Lunaris Shield, Lunaris Vortex

Combine your MTXs to create Tangmazu's armor set, the man who played off the sisters against each other
all you have to do to check the prefix and suffix list in game is have a loot filter and hit alt while your cursor is over the item...

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