Announcing Path of Exile: Harvest

Hmm force people into crafting, no thanks. Not my kinda league.
Tetsujinn123 wrote:
Xaaz23 wrote:
Tetsujinn123 wrote:
All the people I see complaining are the ones that don`t even play the game 5-10 challenges where you do 15 if you play 3 hours a day for a week .

Go back to your corners tbh and let the rest of us enjoy and explore all the new things happening.

You don't see them because they were all removed at the beginning of the thread. This league is garbage with tons of micromanagement.

Don't think you're special because you hit 40 challenges. It's not like it was very hard.

We are the assuming type aren`t we , where in my post you saw me talking about myself , the fact that ppl who spend 10 hours in league for 3 months time means they don`t like the game anyway so they should probably spend more time exploring the game and liking it , and if they dont they should move on instead of making assumption and negative posts about something that isn`t out yet.

Judging by your post , looks like it`s the same for you , begs the question tho , why do you spend so much time in a game that you don`t like and you play for what? If you dont like customer customization and micro management in the game and you still play it and complain , there is something fundamentally wrong with you and your perception of having fun


Where does it say anywhere I don't like the game? I said the NEW league looks like shit. You are backpeddling because you sounded like an idiot trying to talk down to low challenge folks.
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Week off work booked - Check
Excited for new league - Check
Forum full or moaning little bitches - Check

Looks not bad the new league! The crafting will be intresting in ssf for earlier Endgame!
So let us see, before we jugde!
Borning league,time for break:)
I maybe tray litle only,iff bad i leave :D

"Discord"Voice ( dođite na mikrofon - Link za automatski invite ) :
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Where does it say anywhere I don't like the game? I said the NEW league looks like shit. You are backpeddling because you sounded like an idiot trying to talk down to low challenge folks. [/quote]

You keep putting words in my mouth and calling me an idiot , just because that`s what you do with people , it doesn`t mean everyone does it , I am talking about low challenges because it shows how much effort and time ppl put into it , meaning they are not a legit judge or factor if they don`t spend enough time to even experience the full game but start crying after they finish act 9.

I am sorry bud , I never sound like an idiot , unlike some other people in this thread

If you do reply again do not expect me to answer to your post , to the ignorant clever words are jibberish anywyay , so let us stop there , I can see it is futile to discuss with you since you are just personally attacking and I grow tired of your attitude
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I'm ready to farm.
"I didn't know we were making a pants simulator." - Chris Wilson
KopaKabana wrote:
FNX_Heroes wrote:
So many people complaining that this league is crafting-oriented.
Well, I've been playing the last few leagues by completely ignoring crafting (Delve, Synthesis, and so on) because crafting is just for the rich guys.
My chars are using good basic gear : lots of life and resistances, and that's just enough to complete the whole game.
Because you CAN craft doesn't mean you HAVE TO or you NEED TO.
I just hope that the league mechanics won't force players to craft at some point, for example with ridiculous "challenges" that would be just wealth-checks, or too highly RNG-gated.

you left out the part where chris said that they heavily nerfed the drop rates on good items, just to force ppl into crafting.
You left that part out intentionally or ...? Its all on video, pal.

1) As pointed above, that's not true, and 2) What is "good items" for you ? I hope you're not talking about the rare items. 99.999% of the time I *sell* rare unid items for the 2c recipe (guaranteed income). So lowering the quality of those rares won't change anything.
I hope they "normalize" the action speed/animation of the attacks of witches while using two handed weapons.

To understand what i just said, try comparing frost blades and viper strike on a two handed sword witch. Using frost blades has a normal animation; using viper strike has a weird (double hit) animation. This sucks because the first attack is slower huhu.

No hate. Thanks. <3
Xaaz23 wrote:
I said the NEW league looks like shit.

Imagine if an unknown girl looks at you and says "you look like shit", you would probably answer "Don't judge me too quickly, try me !" ;)

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