HC Duo Race Level 77 [June 12th, 2020]

Hello guys !

We're organising a Duo Race on friday the 12th of June at 08 PM UTC +2

Race Rules :
- The race format will be in HC Delirium with no added mods.
- Anyone can join
- The goal of the race is to play as a duo to reach the level 77
- You need only one of the two characters to reach the level 77 to win the prize pool .
- You can participate to the race even if you are solo but you will have a natural disadvantage
- If one of the two characters die, you can still continue solo or your mate can reroll
- The cut-off will be 6 hours after the league start so you will have 6 hours to reach the level 77
- Feel free to ask any question regarding the race on the discord https://discord.gg/8jXpGAM
- As a duo you're not forced to play 100% together but you have the opportunity to play as a group if you want to

The first duo to reach the level 77 will win 40 Euros
If you want to contribute to the prize pool, feel free to DM me on discord / poe / reddit

How to enter :
Join our discord https://discord.gg/8jXpGAM and write your duo team in the duo-team channel i will invite you in the race
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