[3.11 Harvest Softcore] Paws' Bossing/Challenges Service [Warranty/Streamed/Videos]

Status: If my stream is live, I'm online!

Account name: Pawsuhh
Character name: PAWS_HARVEST

Please feel free to message me in-game:
@Pawsuhh can you help me with X?


My thread is in Sirius (hahahah) need of updating...


I have achieved Rank 1 Overall Ball Lightning DPS for Saboteurs in 3.11. I am a happy cat! Thanks to everyone that helped me theorycraft :)

I can now do ALL map mods!

PRICES - Bosses & other combat-related content
50 Chaos or 50/50 loot split - Any Awakener Level

UBER Elder:
50 chaos flat fee YOUR frags YOUR loot
75 chaos flat fee MY frags MY loot

30 chaos flat fee only

30 chaos flat fee only

(Uber) Atziri, whether she's in temple, alluring abyss, or wherever else!
40 chaos flat fee only (your loot)

Catarina (Jun Mastermind Boss):
40 chaos flat fee only (your loot)

40 chaos flat fee - tips appreciated on Bottled Faith drop!

DELVE Bosses BELOW 300 Depth:
Contact me to negotiate.

Hall of Grandmasters (HoGM):
50 chaos, my map, my loot.
40 chaos, your map, my loot.

Oshabi / Harvest the Grove conditionally
1 Exalted Orb (your grove) - I only run one person at a time - full refund PLUS 1ex paid to you if I fail to get any of the four challenges.
I CAN attempt to run two people through at once - full refund on failure, but not covered by the 'warranty'.

Complete Encounter III:
3. Stalker of Endless Dunes - Dig map - Defeat without being hit by sandstorm: 40 chaos flat fee
4. Sallazzang - Garden Map, Defeat without being affected by Suppressing Fire: 40 chaos flat fee

Complete Encounters V:
1. Portenia - Waste Pool: 125 chaos flat fee
2. Terror of Infinite Drifts - Desert Spring (quicksand): 50 chaos flat fee
4. Defeat The Shaper without being hit by any of his or his clone's non-Basic Attack Skills: 200 Chaos Orbs if we use my fragments (my loot); 100 chaos if we use your fragments (your loot). If I fail the first attempt, we continue running with my frags my loot until we succeed :)

ETERNAL Lab Carries (the new uber lab!): (unavailable)
1 Exalted Orb per Lab flat fee; PLEASE be able to survive the traps. I will solo Izarro (you wait outside) - you get three "lives" per 1ex payment. I am a miner - I do not have any auras that would assist you with navigating the traps and gauntlets, please be careful! If I die, I will pay 25c per death and refund your offering.

If what you need is not listed here, please reach out and ask! :) I am happy to kill conquerors, random map bosses, help with Simulacrum waves, etc.


Oshabi - Harvest the Grove Conditionally - 4/4 Challenges:

Shaper No-Hit Challenge + Elder Kill (ON 200% HP - as a test of my dps):

Sirius A7 + Uber Elder (first HOUR of respeccing into a BL miner):

Sirius Guide:

"Last Portal Save" Sirius Carry:

Example Video of Elder Kill:


* Exalted Services Provider on TFT (Discord: Pawsuhh#8621 - please feel free to add/msg me if I am not online in-game)
* Vouched on PoE Services
* 10+ Pages of Bossing Services Vouches

Old Updates:
Uber Elder and Lab Carries temporarily suspended as I push to rank 1 DPS. These are the only two pieces of content in which I take more damage than my defensive layers are comfortable with due to the multiple invulnerability phases in UElder and unavoidable trap damage in Lab. After attaining rank 1, I will consider sacrificing some DPS for more defensive layers and offering this content again. Stay tuned!

Unfortunately, I have had to raise prices because I am unable to keep up with demand for services. New prices are reflected in the forum thread. If you're interested in buying multiple services, I am more than happy to offer a discount!

As of 8/9, I am Rank 2 DPS for LL BL Miners and Rank 3 Overall DPS for Saboteur Ball Lightning (Rank 1 is a different build [Eternity Shroud cold conversion]):

Source: https://poe.ninja/challenge/builds?class=Saboteur&item=Shavronnes-Wrappings&skill=Ball-Lightning&sort=dps

I have respecced BL miner for the rest of the league now that I have achieved 40/40 so that I can focus on doing what I have the most fun with - bossing!


(Early League/Old) Videos:

Note: Videos in which I'm solo or with guildmates, I may play more relaxed and this could result in more deaths. I want to be transparent that I do not guarantee DEATHLESS kills, but I do guarantee completion (hence the warranty). That being said, most "carries for customers" are deathless because I try my absolute best each and every time :)

A LOT more examples of successful carries at twitch.tv/pawsuhh/videos

Awakener Six Sirius (LL BL Miner 7/3):

Catarina Kill (LL BL Miner 7/3:

* @Pawsuhh in-game (Paws_Harvest is my main character)
* I am able to stream via Discord or Twitch (www.twitch.tv/pawsuhh)
* Discord link: https://discord.gg/SP5cme7
* Discord name: Pawsuhh#8621

My warranty from 3.10 is still in effect! At this time:
* Only applies on fresh attempts; I do not offer a warranty for "last portal attempts" and similar situations
* If I fail your Sirius: I will pay you 3 exalted orbs.
* If I fail your Conqueror: I will pay you 50 chaos orbs.
* If I fail your map boss: I will pay you 10 chaos orbs.
* If I fail your shaper/elder: I will replace your set and pay you 50 chaos.
* Please note that in over 100 carries across all content in two leagues, I have never failed.

If you usually play on Singapore, Russia, or Amsterdam this is required for Sirius. I can comfortably carry on all other servers, but I would prefer Washington or Texas.

1) Switch to the Texas or Washington (US) Servers
2) Login, go to your hideout, and speak to Helena. Switch hideouts.
3) Hit the tab key and look in the top right - please confirm it now says (US) Server
4) Enter the Sirius citadel. Begin Sirius dialogue. Return to your HO.
5) Let me know if you need challenge completion. You have to be in the citadel when Sirius dies to get it. I will enter, get Sirius to low HP, and call you in at that time. If you don't need completion, I'll call you in after killing him so that you can get your loot.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out. I encourage you to check out the videos, found in the spoiler thread below, from my services last league. I also have about 5 pages of positive reviews as of 6/27.

Tips are appreciated in the form of:
The best way to thank me is to leave a comment on my forum thread.

I also accept in-game tips of:
* Maps T15: Port, Tower, Burial Chambers
* Maps T16: Arcade, Toxic sewer
* Cortex Maps
* SCARABS (RUSTED/POLISHED): Cartographer, Breach, Metamorph, Harbinger, Shaper/Elder
* Influenced/occupied maps, fragment maps (mino/hydra, etc.), distant memory, hogm
* Currency: Chisels, alch, vaals, scours, chaos, exalts, scarabs, sacrifice fragments
* Anything else you'd like to give me! :)


I am offering to help with virtually all content. Everything is free! NA server highly preferred.

Some examples of content I can help with:
* Simulacrums (double boss, any mod, any wave!)
* Sirius (any awakener level)
* Shaper
* Elder
* Uber Elder/Shaper
* Memory Maps (e.g. Cortex)
* Catarina (Jun Syndicate Mastermind boss)
* Challenge Encounters (with the exception of the Terrace challenge)
* Any Act boss from the story
* Any map boss (T16s, as juiced as you'd like!)
* 100% Delirious Maps (Shaper Guardian/Elder included, of course!)

Mods I can not do:
* Cannot regen mana (reduced regen [such as "60% reduced..."] is usually not an issue)
* Physical reflect
* Elemental reflect

Content I do not offer assistance with at this time:
* (Uber) Atziri
* Labyrinth Trials (of any tier)
* Story "powerleveling" (e.g. "Can you allow me to fast travel to you to get each of the waypoints in Act 7?"
* 5-Way Legion Carries (I am not a Headhunter build)
* Breachstone leveling (e.g. "I just beat Act 10 on a new character, can you run me through a few Tul breaches so I gain a few quick levels?")

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What happens if you fail (i.e. die) and we run out of portals?
Any "replaceable failure" such as a 100% Delirious map, Cortex map, Simulacrum, etc. will be replaced and I will give you 2 exalted orbs on top of that as a "fine" of sorts for wasting your time.
For any "irreplaceable failures" such as Sirius, Conquerors, Jun Syndicate Mastermind Boss, etc. I will provide you with 3 exalted orbs or I can purchase the encounter from another player or farm it myself, then re-do the encounter.

Q: Why would anyone offer a free service like this? Couldn't you easily waste all of my portals or scam the loot that drops? What do you get out of this? A popular reddit thread such as this one (https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/g243m8/do_not_buy_any_boss_carry_services_especially_as/) told me that I should not buy any carry services ever, especially as a new player!
There is a lot to unpack here, but I'll try not to write too much!
Bossing and other high-level content is my favorite thing to do in PoE. Many of these fights (Sirius is a perfect example) are gated in some way; meaning, I can't just fight Sirius all day, I need to do content I don't necessarily love doing - grind 10s of easy maps that don't present any difficulty - in order to fight him one time. Even boss encounters like Shaper and Elder, if I wanted to run them 24/7, require trading with other players and the fragments can be difficult to buy in bulk. Therefore, by offering to help other players, I am able to spend more of my Path of Exile playing time doing things I enjoy doing.

This is still profitable through the kindness of players. I'll be transparent - a fair amount of people do tip. I would never pressure anyone into doing so, but many people take the initiative to tip. Are my "hourly profits" always similar to what I could have made doing some other content? Of course not. But at the same time, it's not like I am spending 10 hours purely helping other people and receiving absolutely nothing in return!

I am able to build reputation for next league. I plan to offer a similar service next league and in the first couple weeks I plan to charge a fee. Therefore, offering free services this league serves as both excellent bossing practice for me in addition to allowing me to accumulate some feedback and a history of good performance.

I was helped by a lot of people when I was new to the game. Offering a service like this is simply my way of giving back.

Lastly, this is not meant to come off as a piece meant to influence - I am fully transparent in that I don't necessarily recommend using services like mine. I love PoE because it (to me) is all about efficiency and pushing the limits of your character, supported by the numerous and incredibly complex underlying systems. In other words, ideally, you should learn how to do these encounters yourself. If your character truly isn't strong enough, you should learn how to advance your character to a point where they are able to do this content. That being said, there are plenty of valid reasons to reach out for help from "I just got to maps, I'm able to kill conquerors but I'm not sure about Sirius and I could really use his loot in order to buy upgrades" to "I'm lazy and since you're offering to kill it for free, I'll take you up on that!". I don't judge and I'm transparent about the pros/cons. I also am always happy to stream the content and to answer any questions about the fight.

Q: I'm on ___ server, can you still help me?
At this time, I cannot assist players connected to the Singapore or Russian servers.


100% Delirious Shaper Guardian Carry (this fight was insane!!)

Jun Mastermind Event - Catarina Carry:

Solo Conqueror Kill A8 DPS/Survivability Benchmark Veritania:

100% Delirious A8 Twinned Map Carry:

Cortex Carry 6/10/2020:

Uber Elder Carry #1 6/10/2020:

Uber Elder Carry #2 6/10/2020:

Complete Encounters III - Belfry Lord Grey 6/10/2020:

Post-Cortex kill (Bottled Faith drop):

Conqueror Hunter Carry:

100% Delirious A8 Elder Map Carry:

Shaper Carry:

385 Depth Aul Kill (solo):

SIRIUS Kills (somehow I haven't recorded an A8 kill yet...oops. I will do so soon!)
Sirius Awakener 6 Carry:

Sirius Awakener 5 Carry:

Sirius Awakener ? Carry:

Additional info:
* @Pawsuhh in-game (Paws_Delirium is my main character)
* I am able to stream via Discord or Twitch
* Discord link: https://discord.gg/SP5cme7
* My build is a CI CoC Ice Nova Assassin, largely based on Kami's guide.
* My PoB link is here: https://pastebin.com/PzJQWxsS , but be aware that my build is not PoB friendly - Timeless Jewel does not show properly, DPS is complicated to calculate, etc. With the setup shown in the PoB, I actually have 10.5k ES and 75/70 Block.

Lastly, tips in the form of:
* Standard Maps: Influenced/Occupied Elder/Shaper, Minotaur, Hydra, Chimera, etc.
* Synthesis maps: "Memory of ___"
* Orbs of Scouring, Alchemy, Chaos, Vaal
* Stacked Decks
* Referring your friends to me and keeping me in mind for next league!

...are much appreciated!

P.S. If you're in need of maps, div cards, incubators, scarabs, sac frags, etc. please feel free to ask! I might be able to help you out since I'm pretty much done for the league :)

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Awesome service!!!!!

I had help getting through a 100% delirium map. Had to open his own portal at his own HO due to lag and realm differences.

Player was super generous and really helped a newb like me out! thank you!!!
leviathan926 wrote:
Awesome service!!!!!

I had help getting through a 100% delirium map. Had to open his own portal at his own HO due to lag and realm differences.

Player was super generous and really helped a newb like me out! thank you!!!

My pleasure!
Thank you very much for helping with the Cortex's final boss.

Bottled Faith Sulfur Flask is droped. I couldn't loot it anymore (unfortunately I died) and "Paws" gave me the loot in hideout.

In addition, I have completed the challenge and get the delirium wings right away;)

Thank you very much, you saved me the evening;)
awesome carry and great stream ! Like a movie ^^
Paws killed my first Sirius in Delirium League after I saw them advertising their help in global chat - everything went really smoothly.

It was nice to watch the fight on Paws' stream so I could try and follow along with the mechanics. Definitely check it out!

11/10 I highly recommend
Best boss killer ever, ty !!! Fast and safe!

Greetings from Ukraine.
You sir are a PoE Pog Lord. Was great to be able to watch on Twitch.
Added a few new videos to the main thread.

Online now! :)
Smooth as butter. 5/5 do recommend.

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